The oil and gas industry in Australia

With the world’s insatiable need for energy, the role of the Petroleum Engineer is now more important than ever. The world's oil and gas resources provide some of the richest, densest and valuable energy sources available. Here you can find out about hydrocarbon fuel sources, the major players in the industry and how they are addressing the world demand, and even some of the associations that support Petroleum Engineers. 


Hydrocarbon resources

Hydrocarbons are substances primarily composed of carbon and hydrogen. Hydrocarbon energy resources primarily consist of the fossil fuels: coal, oil and natural gas. Petroleum Engineers are concerned with the exploration, discovery and production of oil and gas wherever they are found - onshore or offshore, in sandstone or limestone, coal or shale.

In addition to developing hydrocarbon energy sources, Petroleum Engineers are also developing technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the production of energy such as Carbon Capture and Storage and Geothermal energy.