Recognition of Prior Learning (Credit Transfer)

Credit transfer (also referred to as ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ or ‘Advanced Standing’) is the transfer of credit towards your program from another institution. Where the courses passed at another institution are deemed as equivalent to those studied at UNSW and are required for your program. You can be granted credit from more than one institution, provided that the courses studied are recognised by UNSW as being equivalent.

Am I eligible?

If you have completed courses outside of UNSW at another Institution and wish to receive transfer credit please ensure you meet the requirements listed on the Faculty Enrolment Rules website and the UNSW Transfer Credit Policy.

For Domestic students, the Go8 universities (Adelaide, Melbourne, Monash, ANU, Queensland, Sydney, NSW and WA) have developed a credit transfer agreement to enhance the mobility of students between the Go8 universities, on the understanding that the assessment regimes are comparable and transferable. 

How do I apply?

Applying at Admission stage:

If you are applying for Credit Transfer either directly with UNSW, or as a domestic undergraduate student through UAC, refer to the below link to access the application form and information about lodgement:

In both instances, an application must be accompanied by an official transcript, and course outlines of studies undertaken at another institution will be required. Failure to provide all information and documentation necessary may result in a delay to the assessment of your application.

Applying after Admission stage:

    • Undergraduate students: please complete the appropriate Recognition of Prior Learning form for your program and attach a copy of your official transcript and (English) course outlines.
    • Postgraduate students: refer to the PG RPL page for instructions.
Course outline requirements

The following components are required when submitting course outlines:

  • Course code and title

  • Course description

  • Total hours for the whole course (e.g. How many lecture/tutorial hours per week and how many weeks per term)

  • Assessment weighting schedules (e.g. 30% mid-term exam, 70% final exam etc)

  • Weekly topic schedule (i.e. Which topics were taught in each week)

Optional components that may be required:

  • Textbook materials used

  • Credit units for the course and total credit units for a full-time student per term

Please note: You may be required to submit further proof/ evidence of studies. For example, your previous institution may be required to submit course outlines directly to this office.