Fellowships & Postdoctoral Opportunities

Scientia Fellowship Program

The Scientia Fellowship Program was established to attract and retain leading researchers on their path to becoming exceptional research leaders and mentors.

The program is a cornerstone of the UNSW 2025 Strategy. We want to support researchers with outstanding track records who share our vision of improving and transforming lives and want to create global impact through their work.

As of January 2020, 101 Scientia Fellows have been appointed across all UNSW faculties. Our goal is to appoint 290 over the ten-year lifespan of the Program.

As part of UNSW’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion the Scientia Fellowship Program, diversity is embedded in appointment practices to ensure appropriate gender representation, cultural diversity and disciplinary expertise. Successful candidates will receive extensive benefits to further their career.

For more information visit the Scientia Fellowship Program.

To see which schools are advertising opportunities, see the Scientia Fellowship application page.