Biomedical and health engineering research

Creating a healthier world

We are living longer, and healthier than ever before. UNSW engineers are at the forefront of health research in Australia, and have been involved in many projects and discoveries that have had a global impact. From work in nanomedicine, to targeted drug delivery, telecare and the first bionic eye, our research has the potential to impact on the lives of millions.

Health research at UNSW is undertaken in the majority of Schools in the Faculty. Biomedical Engineers work in the areas of bionic eye, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and physiological modelling. In the School of Chemical Engineering, nanomedicine and drug delivery as well as hybrid polymer technology for medical implants are a major focus. Electrical Engineering researchers are developing micro-electronics for medical devices, while Computer Science and Engineering groups are studying medical imaging and image analysis, systems for better management of medical data and mapping of the genome and bioinformatics.

We have a number of research centres and initiatives that focus on biomedical and health issues.

Health research in the Faculty of Engineering takes innovations and applied technologies to the clinic.