Water engineering research

In terms of staff numbers, income and publication outputs, water researchers represent one of the largest groups in the Faculty of Engineering. 

Research covers a wide range of areas including:

UNSW tackling climate change by understanding the way water is moving and changing our world

  • examination of surface and ground water availability and quality
  • development of new water treatment processes
  • water recycling and reuse
  • coastal modelling and erosion

The Faculty of Engineering has cutting-edge facilities related to water research with excellent analytical and pilot scale testing equipment in both the UNSW Water Research Centre and UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology on the Kensington Campus. Superb modelling and large scale testing facilities are located at the Water Research Laboratory at Manly Vale.

Water research activities in Engineering are complemented by those in the Faculty of Science making UNSW one of the largest water research hubs in Australia.

Water-related research activities in the Faculty of Engineering are supported by funding from a range of sources including the Australian Research Council, local, State and Federal governments and industry. Our water research is engaged within a number of research centres and initiatives.