Your Challenge: Design a new cake recipe using an unusual ingredient and then decorate it engineering-themed!  

We know it’s a bit different to our usual challenges, but it just goes to show that STEM is everywhere…even in the kitchen. 


When creating you cake, make sure you consider: 

  • Type of base cake – there are many types of cakes from mud cakes to raindrop cakes. What type of cake do you enjoy and what ingredients do you have at home?  

  • How much new ingredient to add – what does your ingredient do to the cake? Does it make the batter more moist, drier or sticker? How might this affect the properties of the final cake? 

  • Structural integrity of the cake - it’s a building site remember! How is the hardness affected by the ingredients? What could you change in the recipe to make your cake harder? 

  • Decorations - what type of engineering do you want to represent? Can you incorporate your unusual ingredient into the topping somehow? 

  • Bake time and temperature – how will your new ingredient affect the time it takes for the cake to cook?  

 Upload your designs to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group by Sunday 27th of September or to our alternative submission form


If you’re interested in the science of cakes, why not check out UNSW Food Science degree here. You’ll learn about the science of foods and maybe even design the food products of the future.   

 Also, check out Elise’s project: What's Brewing? here. Her team is designing and engineering new beverages, from kombucha to gin!  


Recipe Links for Inspirations: 


Cake designs: