What is the Assessment for Industrial Training?

For the Industrial Training requirement to be satisfied, the following requirements must be met:

Placement Pre-approval

Placement pre-approval is required for all placement(s) and is to ensure your placement(s) is:

  • Relevant to your program of study and stream
  • You are supervised by a qualified engineer
  • You are exposed to engineering technical skills

Employer Evaluation Form

Employer Evaluation Form needs to be completed for every placement and is used to:

  • Log your IT days completed in Moodle
  • The Feedback from your employer helps to improve your employability skills
  • Helps you to complete the Final IT Report

Final Industrial Training Report

The Final Industrial Training (IT) Report is the final step to completing your Industrial Training requirements for an accredited UNSW Engineering degree. The purpose of the report is for you to:

  • Demonstrate that you have attained one or more elements of competency in Engineers Australia’s Stage 1 Competencies and Elements of Competency for Professional Engineers
  • Reflect and connect your experience and learning at the workplace with academic knowledge at university.

When you have received a mark of satisfactory for your Final IT Report, ENGG4999 or ENGG4998 will appear in your Academic Transcript.