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Founded in 1946, Arup first came to the world’s attention with the structural design of the Sydney Opera House. Today, Arup is a forward-thinking firm which offers a broad range of professional services and is fully cognisant of the importance of encouraging diversity in its workforce.

“We decided to support UNSW’s Women in Engineering Scholarship Program with the Arup Women in Engineering Scholarship because we wanted to encourage more talented, female students into the engineering profession. Engineering is an exciting option for young women and a fulfilling career awaits them, but not enough are exploring that option when they leave school,” explains Peter Bailey, Chair of Arup’s Diversity and Inclusion Executive.

Providing the scholarship has obvious benefits for the recipient but Bailey believes the benefits run both ways. “It’s good to be part of a program that’s affiliated with UNSW because it raises Arup’s profile at the University. We hope that, down the track, this will manifest itself in more students being interested in pursuing a career at Arup. Over the years we’ve had many graduates from UNSW and it’s certainly a great source of brilliant, young engineers.”

Diversity at Arup doesn’t stop at recruiting more women however, and the firm is actively involved in initiatives to make the company more diverse. “We are a sponsor of Power of Engineering, which encourages regional, Indigenous and female school kids to consider engineering. We have flexible working policies in place already and we are looking at inclusive policies across other fields of diversity including gender, culture, LBGTI, age and disability,” Bailey continues.

“I think diversity is important because engineering is a profession that serves society. I don’t believe we can do this effectively unless we, as engineers, are representative of society itself.”

Arup Women in Civil Engineering Scholarship

Sophia Lin

2016 Recipient: Kangying (Sophia) Lin

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering

Benefit: $10,000 each year for 4 years plus industrial training at Arup during the summer break

Kangying Lin (Sophia) is already thinking big. “I want to become an engineering entrepreneur and lead a small business with my friends to develop an innovation that will benefit everyone in the world,” she says. In being selected to win the 2016 Arup Women in Engineering Scholarship, it seems she is already on the fast track to success.

“I have always wanted to study engineering at UNSW, but this scholarship made my decision easier,” says Sophia, who loves the constantly evolving nature of engineering. “Engineering is an exciting career because it will always produce new challenges. It perfectly combines my interests in maths and science, and will give me the ability to solve problems in realistic situations. I hope, in the future, to contribute to technological advancement in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics.”

Sophia is very grateful for the financial support provided by the scholarship, which means she can focus more on academic achievement and extracurricular activities, but also the “great privilege and opportunity” to meet and work with her sponsor Arup. “I have gained an insight into the real life applications of what I am learning in university which has helped me refine my specialisation within my degree,” she says.

Campus life is proving to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for Sophia who has many interests and hobbies. “UNSW has a great number of student societies to cater for a wide range of interests,” she says. “I find this very exciting as I am able to join groups ranging from dance to robotics. This is helping me to not only develop personal skills but also meet friends with common interests.”