UNSW Campus

Boral’s Human Resources Director Linda Coates believes the Women in Engineering Program at UNSW is important because a diverse workforce creates an added depth and richness of ideas, experience and knowledge to an organisation, elements which are essential components of a successful business.

Founded in Australia, Boral is a multinational company dealing in building and construction materials. The company offers two Boral Women in Engineering Scholarships; one in their Cement business and the other in their Construction Materials business.

“By offering female students these scholarships we wanted to create an opportunity to support women with their careers in engineering, financially and through work experience. We are hoping to nurture talented leaders who can deliver sustainable growth and excellent performance,” Coates says, but she explains there is a business case for it too.

“As well as benefiting the scholarship recipients there are many benefits to Boral including having access to a diverse group of talented graduates, who are a potential source of future talent. We have employed many graduates over the years from UNSW and found them to be of high quality, with a willingness and curiosity to learn.”

Coates is a key driver behind Boral’s Diversity Strategy and Plan which is intended to deliver greater diversity to the organisation by focusing on topics including gender equality and equity, generational diversity, and indigenous diversity.

She believes that authentic leadership is key to improving diversity in any organisation. “It’s about supporting leaders who know the value diversity brings in delivering competitive advantage, sustainable operational improvement and performance excellence,” she says.