Bouygues Construction Australia

UNSW Campus

For Brett Babicci, from global construction and civil engineering company Bouygues Construction Australia, it’s simple:

“Gender equality creates better business performance. By creating an environment where we can access and create opportunities for the smartest and most inquisitive minds, we know we can deliver great projects. If we restrict opportunities to only 50% of the population, we’re missing out on a lot of potential! It’s not a matter of meeting quotas, but guaranteeing equal access to all.”

As Head of Human Resources, Babicci has been a key driver behind the establishment of the Bouygues Construction Australia Women in Engineering Scholarship and is passionate about seeing change in the industry.

“At Bouygues Construction Australia, we believe in true diversity and encouraging women (and all genders) to create careers in engineering. We know there is disparity between genders and the career paths they traditionally align with, but being part of UNSW’s Women in Engineering Program means we can have a positive influence in the way people think of engineering, and the wider construction industry in terms of gender,” he continues.

“Creating diversity gives you options for more skilled professionals and a better range of ideas for your projects and business. It provides positives for the entire workforce – by opening up opportunities for women, we also create true diversity and open up opportunities for men, at work and at home.”

Babicci is excited to be working with UNSW and have access to its talent pool of student engineers. “Engaging with UNSW - one of our country’s leading universities – allows us to seek out and find bright, intelligent young people who, we hope, will become leaders of our projects and business in the future,” he says.