With a target of achieving 40% senior female leaders by December 2020, Caltex is taking gender equity seriously andLouise Warner, Executive General Manager of Fuels and Infrastructure Louise Warner, Executive General Manager of Fuels and Infrastructure, says the company is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer the Caltex Women in Engineering Scholarship.

“We believe in encouraging women to pursue careers in engineering, this includes working with schools and universities to show young people the range of opportunities available,” she says. “While women have worked in industries like Caltex’s for many years, we find that there are still many who see the male-dominated face of the industry and wonder if there is a role for them.”

As a UNSW Engineering alumna herself, Warner says she is particularly excited about being able to help the young women following in her footsteps to pursue careers in engineering. “Engineering has provided me with a great foundation for a broad career and I hope others will benefit similarly in the future.”

Warner explains that Caltex, which is a WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality, has a strong belief in the advantages of a diverse and inclusive workplace, and has been working to create a culture where individuals of varied perspectives are welcomed, encouraged and given the opportunity to contribute fully.

“Diversity leads to innovation and better business outcomes. We want to continue to be the leader in fuel supply and will achieve this through getting the best people in our company, this includes people with a variety of experiences and backgrounds,” she continues.

“Gender is one of these important dimensions. As our business grows we will continue to forge positive visibility of women while positively influencing others’ beliefs and actions.”