Michael Eckert, Director of Research, Communications Business Group, Dolby Australia

Michael Eckert from audio, visual and voice technologies company Dolby Australia, believes that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce, but is disappointed each year to receive only a handful of job applications from women for engineering positions. As Director of Research, Communications Business Group, Eckert thinks this is down to the fact that there are still relatively few females taking on STEM subjects in electrical and computer science engineering. 

“A well-balanced workplace environment leads to better business outcomes, and one of the ways Dolby feels we can encourage more women into these fields is to support women in engineering initiatives at both university and high school levels,” says Eckert. “That’s why we decided to support UNSW’s Women in Engineering Scholarship program,” he continues.

Eckert explains that in addition to increasing gender diversity via the scholarship program, the company has been thrilled with their participation and close engagement with UNSW via their Intern Program, which has grown in strength as a result of this collaboration.

“As one of the top engineering schools in the country, UNSW is a key contributor to the engineering workforce at Dolby. The University produces outstanding graduates, many of whom continue to distinguish themselves in the audio and video engineering space here.”

In addition to supporting UNSW’s scholarship program, Eckert says Dolby is pioneering a number of equity and diversity initiatives within the company that are gaining momentum and changing the face of the organisation. “We know that our people are our central to our success and this success comes from creating an inclusive environment where people are respected and valued,” he says.