UNSW Campus

Aim: to promote the program, to promote the industry sponsor and encourage other prospective sponsors to get involved

Tiffany BromwichAs an owner, developer and operator of renewable energy assets, over a third of Infigen Energy’s workforce are qualified engineers, and the company feels a deep responsibility to ensure their employee base is as diverse as the community it serves. “We recognise that female participation in Engineering is low and believe it’s up to industry to support opportunities for female students to identify with engineering careers,” says Tiffany Bromwich, HR Advisor at Infigen. “The gender imbalance in Engineering needs to be addressed, which is why the UNSW Women in Engineering Scholarship Program is such an exciting initiative,” Bromwich continues. “It will connect more female students to the engineering profession and will, we believe, help deliver long-term sustainable improvement.”

Infigen also respects and values what Bromwich calls “the competitive advantage of diversity” and the potential benefits of its integration throughout the business. “Encouraging diversity also makes good business sense. Enriching Infigen’s perspective through a diverse workforce will help improve our corporate performance, increase our shareholder value, and enhance the probability of business success,” says Bromwich.

Choosing to partner with UNSW provides further opportunities for Infigen to connect their business to students and graduates from multiple engineering disciplines including renewable, photovoltaic, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering.

“UNSW are a respected leader in the field of engineering and we have been involved with the Faculty since 2011, initially through the Coop Scholarship Program, and now the Women in Engineering Scholarship Program. Infigen values the depth of talent among students at UNSW and it’s been great to be able to engage with students throughout their learning journey and into employment, either with us or within our industry,” Bromwich says.