UNSW Campus

Crispin Powis is proud to say that Kimberly-Clark, a leading multinational personal care corporation, has an even representation of men and women on the company’s Australia and New Zealand Executive Leadership Team, including people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

“At Kimberly-Clark, we value the importance of diversity in creating unique insights, stronger debate and breakthrough solutions which fuel our innovative culture. Building an inclusive culture of teams of people who look, think and behave like those who use our products, helps us to continue to grow our business,” explains Powis, Operations Director.

“Establishing the Kimberly-Clark Women in Engineering Scholarship with UNSW aligns strongly with our values and our desire to be a forward-thinking innovator. By supporting the program, we hope to encourage greater diversity in the engineering industry and to assist aspiring young females in pursuing their engineering careers,” he continues.

“Our experience with UNSW graduates is very positive. They are typically highly skilled, very motivated and impressively professional young people.”

Powis says there are numerous reasons for valuing diversity and building an inclusive culture in business. “As a global company, our people come from increasingly diverse backgrounds and perspectives - which helps us cultivate fresh thinking and refine our understanding of the different consumers who use our products. This diversity of talent brings bold, unexpected thinking. Better insights. Better debate. And, ultimately, better solutions!”

Kimberly-Clark has a number of initiatives that drive diversity and inclusion and Powis believes that to be successful, diversity must be led from the top. “Our experience is that diversity should be integrated into business strategy, rather than a bolt-on initiative,” he says.