Origin Energy

UNSW Campus

Aim: to promote the program, to promote the industry sponsor and encourage other prospective sponsors to get involved

Spanning energy exploration, production, power generation and retailing, Origin Energy is a leading provider of energy to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Cameron Briggs, General Manager of Future Energy at Origin, believes that having a diverse team doesn’t just make good business sense, but must be achieved because it is, above all, the right thing to do.

“By encouraging diversity we want to create a culture where many different voices and views can be heard,” says Briggs. “We wanted specifically to encourage this very early in the professional development of some of our future potential employees. Supporting a UNSW Women in Engineering Scholarship is an excellent and tangible way to do this,” he continues.

“Historically, engineering has been a male-dominated industry, but that is changing particularly due to initiatives like UNSW’s Women in Engineering Scholarship.”

With a keen interest in the increasingly sophisticated technologies and opportunities for renewable energy, a secondary aim was for Origin to more closely align with UNSW’s world-renowned renewable energy teaching and research expertise.

“UNSW is the best talent pool in terms of solar and renewable energy,” says Briggs. “UNSW graduates really get the big picture and are valuable additions to the team because they come equipped with an understanding that’s ready to be applied in a company or corporate sense.”