UNSW Campus

“As a major player in our industry, we think it’s important to lead by example – and what better way than to support aspiring female engineers at the start of their journey into the profession,” says Eva Hanly, NSW General Manager at Transurban, on the establishment of the Transurban Women in Engineering Scholarship at UNSW.

Transurban develops and manages urban toll road networks in Australia and the USA and Hanly says the company is strongly committed to gender diversity and increasing the number of female engineers within their business. “Our gender diversity initiatives include an engineering and technology mentoring program which targets female university students in these professions and partners them with a professional mentor from Transurban. This dovetails perfectly with the establishment of the Transurban Women in Engineering Scholarship.”

Hanly believes the key to a diverse workforce is embedding diversity in the culture of the business with leaders at all levels needing to show active support. “It must extend from top to bottom and across the entire breadth of the business. It must be linked to business objectives and seen as crucial to the company’s success,” she explains.

“Transurban believes that genuine diversity drives strategic advantage and contributes to organisational strength, opportunities for innovation and other corporate benefits. Creating a diverse culture within the business will also attract the people with the best skills and attributes.”

Hanly says that partnering with UNSW Engineering through the scholarship also makes good business sense for Transurban as a way of directly engaging with the “best and brightest” future industry leaders.