Adam Lamond, Founder and Managing Director, VerisAdam Lamond is the Founder and Managing Director of Veris, a market-leading town planning, urban design, survey and 3D spatial solutions company. He believes that supporting students through initiatives like the Women in Engineering (WIE) Scholarship program is the best way to invest in the future of the industry, as well as promoting Veris to the next generation of engineers.

“Working with UNSW Engineering gives us an excellent opportunity to work with and support some of the brightest engineering minds in Australia. We see great benefit in introducing Veris to the university and showcasing our company as one that people want to work with and for. As a company, we have a responsibility to help grow the industry and raise the profile of our profession.  Partnering with leading institutions like UNSW is therefore a natural fit.”

Lamond says that from Veris’s perspective it is not just about getting more women involved but improving diversity in engineering in general.

“It is well known that diversity produces greater thinking and new and better solutions. Different perspectives are always a good thing. As a national company with colleagues from all over the world, we support a diverse array of cultures and perspectives. Our people are our greatest asset; and we value attracting and retaining the best talent regardless of their gender or ethnicity.”

Lamond is proud to be part of UNSW’s WIE scholarship program and says that the most important thing, when thinking about how to improve diversity from a business perspective, is that it needs to be sincere and it should be addressing a real need of the business. “The drive for diversity should be supported at all levels and underpinned by everything you do. Actions speak much louder than words,” he says.