Guy Templeton, President and CEO, WSP Australia & NZ

“Our philosophy around gender balance in our business is quite simple,” says Guy Templeton, President and CEO of WSP Australia & New Zealand, a global engineering professional services consulting firm with 500 offices across 40 countries. “We are keen to encourage more women into our engineering teams because there are clear benefits from having a gender-balanced workforce.”

Templeton explains the three key benefits: “Firstly, it helps our business mirror the composition of our clients’ businesses, which makes us much more likely to connect effectively with them. Secondly, there is plenty of evidence that we do better work when we have more balanced teams. Lastly, there is now fairly compelling evidence that the financial returns in gender balanced organisations are higher, which is not surprising given the first two points.”

According to Templeton, the unique perspectives that men and women bring to the engineering design process results in gender balanced teams being more creative, more productive and more holistic in their approach. 

In 2016, WSP Australia & New Zealand sponsored one UNSW Women in Engineering Scholarship, but has doubled this contribution in 2017 by now offering two scholarships to the burgeoning program. 

“We want to actively promote engineering as a profession for women and by providing these scholarships we are putting our money where our mouth is. We have had a number of outstanding women engineering graduates from UNSW in the past and through our involvement in this sponsorship program we hope to continue to encourage the cream of the crop to join our workforce in the future,” Templeton continues.