Women in Engineering Academic Visitor Funding Scheme

The Faculty of Engineering is pleased to announce the launch of the Women in Engineering Academic Visitor Funding Scheme. This scheme provides financial support for UNSW staff to organise a short visit (up to 4 weeks) for a female academic at any career stage (levels A-E).

The visitor will deliver a widely-promoted seminar and use the opportunity to network and form collaborations with UNSW-based researchers. This scheme is part of the Faculty’s ongoing support for women in Engineering research and to encourage the future recruitment of female academics to UNSW Engineering.

Up to $5,000 AUD will be available to support each visit, with a target of 30 academic visitors per year.

A UNSW staff member is required to nominate potential visitors. The UNSW staff will have to agree to host the visitor during their stay, including managing the logistics of the visit, seminar and assisting them expand their UNSW network. The UNSW host is expected to report on the development of the collaborative partnership that results from the visit.

If you are interested in participating in the Women in Engineering Visitor Funding Scheme please connect with a UNSW academic in your network.

If you are an academic at UNSW and would like to invite a visitor please contact Rita on rita.sousa@unsw.edu.au.