Taste of Research

The Taste of Research program allows undergraduate students to work with a research group to get real hands-on experience of research.

Participating second and third year students work on a 60-day project with an academic research team in the Faculty of Engineering. Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of AUD$6000 (tax-exempt).


The program is open to second and third year students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate program in Australia or New Zealand.


Students receive a scholarship of AUD$6000 for a 60-day project (tax exempt). In addition, if the project involves industry engagement, candidates may be eligible to apply to have time spent on the project to count towards their industrial training requirements (up to 30 days).


Each applicant will be assessed based on academic merit, interest in undertaking research activities and intended career plans. Applicants should discuss their plans and their intended project with their potential supervisor prior to applying.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Taste of Research Listings page for information on all available research topics and supervisory teams
  2. Contact and discuss their Taste of Research project and interests with potential supervisor(s).
  3. In conjunction with potential supervisor(s), formulate a project plan that includes the following:
    • Project Title
    • Project Description (what research will you undertake?)
    • Suitability of Applicant for this project (what skills and previous experience do you bring to the project)
    • Project timeline that clearly identifies the 60 days (full-time equivalent) that the candidate will commit to the project and the tasks that are expected to be undertaken over this period
    • Deliverables (Note that all candidates must submit a 5-minute video explaining their project at the end of 60 days).
    • Please download the Research Project Plan template here.
  4. Submit an online application (Applications close on 20 November 2020)

Contact Us

For general enquiries or more information about the Taste of Research program, please get in touch with our team:

E: a.yeung@unsw.edu.au