Once you have completed all assessments, industrial training, thesis and projects required for your degree, and your student office(s) has confirmed that you have completed all requirements, you will be eligible to graduate.

Note that you will be assessed for graduation based on the program structure from the year you commenced your degree. You can find your program structure in the UNSW Handbook.

Please check the Frequently Asked Questions page if you like to know how to check which courses you have left remaining for completion.

Graduation status

You can check your graduation status in myUNSW under your Student Profile. If you have been identified as a potential graduand for the current term, your degree status will be one of the following:

  • Potential: you have been identified as a potential graduand for the current term. Your status will be reviewed by your program authority and you will be eligible to graduate if all outstanding marks are finalised.

  • Awarded: you have satisfied academic requirements for your program and you are now a “graduand”. Once your degree has been conferred you will be a “graduate”, and you will be allocated a graduation ceremony.

  • Revoked: your graduation has been blocked, please ensure you clear all your outstanding debts with the University. You will not be able to see your graduation information until this block has been cleared.

More information can be found here.


Your graduation status may be pending due to the following reasons:

  • You have a debt with the University (see ‘Revoked’ status above) that you have not cleared;

  • You are a dual degree student, and the non-engineering faculty has not confirmed you for graduation;

  • You have outstanding grades, including pending grades (WD, WC, WJ, LE) that has not been finalised;

  • You have completed exchange or cross-institutional study that has not been finalised and added to your records.

Graduation ceremony

More information regarding graduation ceremonies, including schedules and how to get your testamur if you are not attending the graduation ceremony can be found here