Prizes and Awards

At UNSW Engineering, your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Students are awarded through a variety of initiatives such as the Dean’s Awards and the Dean’s Honors List.

Dean’s Awards

The Dean's Awards are highly prestigious awards offered by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. They are designed to recognise the Faculty's high-achieving students – those who have a minimum High Distinction average (an overall cumulative myUNSW WAM of 85).

Students who maintain this high level of academic excellence can look forward to graduating with First Class Honours. Dean's Awards are just one way we offer our students recognition for their hard work.

2019 Dean's Awards

For previous years recipients please see Dean's Award Archive. 

Who is eligible?

Students of UNSW Engineering who are currently completing an undergraduate degree who have at the end of the previous year:

  • successfully completed a minimum of 48 Units of Credit at UNSW*
  • completed at least 24 units of credit in the previous academic year*

Awards are not available to students who:

  • have recorded a Fail
  • have completed the final year of an undergraduate degree within the UNSW Faculty of Engineering, and are Graduands.†
Selection process

Selection is based on a student's overall cumulative myUNSW WAM. All courses undertaken, not only Engineering courses, are included in the calculation of a student's WAM.

A minimum overall cumulative myUNSW WAM of 85 (High Distinction average) is required to be eligible for a Dean's Award.

A limited number of Dean's Awards are awarded each year, so eligibility does not guarantee receipt of a Dean's Award. From 2016 there will be 100 Dean's Awards presented each year.

Awards in each school will be distributed evenly across all stages:

  • Stage 1 status is reached when 48 units of credit are completed
  • Stage 2 status is normally reached when 96 units of credit are completed (minimum of 93 units of credit required)
  • Stage 3 status is normally reached when 144 units of credit are completed (minimum of 141 units of credit required)
  • Stage 4 status is normally reached when 192 units of credit are completed (minimum of 189 units of credit required**

Students may only receive a Dean's Award once for each Stage.


Student transcripts will show your Honours List achievement.

Further information

For more information, please email us

* Industrial training/experience and exchange are not counted as 'completed' units of credit.
† Graduates, instead, are considered for Honours and the University Medal.
** Only applicable for combined programs e.g. BE(Hons)/BSc or BE(Hons)/BCom. This does not apply to BE (Hons)/MBiomed programs as stage 4 of these programs is at the Masters level.

Dean’s Honours List

Published in June, the Dean's Honours List recognises high achieving undergraduate students in UNSW Faculty of Engineering programs. Students who have maintained a high grade average are included on the Dean's Honours List. If they continue to achieve this level of academic excellence they can look forward to graduating with First Class Honours.

Find the list of 2019 Winners here.

For previous years winners please visit the Dean's Honours List Archives.

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Who is eligible?

Students of the Faculty of Engineering currently enrolled in an undergraduate program who have at the end of the previous year:

  • successfully completed at least 48 units of credit (UOC) at UNSW towards a Faculty of Engineering program
  • completed at least 24 UOC in the previous academic year.

Awards are NOT available to students who have completed all program requirements (i.e. they are eligible for graduation).

Selection process

Selection is based on a student's overall cumulative myUNSW WAM. All courses counting towards their current degree (not only Engineering courses) are included in the calculation of a student's WAM.

A myUNSW WAM average as follows is required to be eligible:

  • For programs started before 2015, ≥75%
  • For programs started from 2015 or later, ≥80% (to align with new First Class Honours cut-offs).

Students may only be included on the Dean's Honours List once for each Stage.

  • Stage 1 status - 48 UOC completed
  • Stage 2 status - 96 UOC completed
  • Stage 3 status - 144 UOC completed
  • Stage 4 status - 192 UOC completed.
  • Industrial training and exchange are not counted as 'completed' units of credit unless transfer credit has been given.
  • Graduates are not considered for the list but for Honours and the university medal.
  • Stage 4 status only applies to dual award program students but does not include programs in which stage 4 of these program is at the Masters level (e.g. BE/ME Elec, BE/MBiomedEng).
  • The Dean's Honours List is not an award. Students will receive confirmation from the Dean but student transcripts will not show your Honours List achievement.

Please email us if you need more information.


Faculty of Engineering Student Service Awards

The Faculty of Engineering Student Service Awards for 2019 is now open, and will close at the end of January 2020. Please refer to the nomination forms below for more details.

Established in 2010, the UNSW Faculty of Engineering Student Service Awards reward and encourage exceptional and outstanding service by students for the student community.

There are up to three awards given each year – depending on merit. Award winners receive an official certificate recognizing the achievement, an entry on the UNSW Supplementary Transcript, and prize money

Who is eligible?

Faculty of Engineering Students – All students enrolled in a degree program within the UNSW Faculty of Engineering are eligible for Award nomination. Students enrolled in the combined Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Laws and the combined Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) / Bachelor of Digital Media are also eligible.

Teams/Groups – Teams and groups are also eligible for nomination, but only one award will be presented to the team as a whole. The team or group must consist of usually up to three students (mainly from the Faculty of Engineering) who have worked together to implement or achieve an outstanding service. Team/group leaders can be nominated as an individual.

Previous Award Winners –Recipients of a Faculty Student Service Award (Individual or Team) are not eligible for nomination in the following year. For example, the recipient of a 2013 Award may not be nominated until nominations open for the 2015 Awards.

What kind of ‘services’ can win

The Awards celebrate an exceptional and outstanding service to the UNSW or Faculty student community, and look at the following:

  • An exceptional and outstanding achievement or success
  • Outstanding service to the UNSW or Faculty student community, like organising a large student event or ongoing involvement in mentoring
  • An outstanding or novel initiative which has been implemented, like improvements to student communications
  • Any work significantly promoting collaborative relations with external organisations
  • Participation in working groups for the improvement of UNSW
Have some questions?

If you would like to know more about the Faculty of Engineering Student Service Awards, or if you have a question, please send us an email

Recipients of the Student Service Awards




Ofir ZeeviIndividualComputer Science and Engineering
Andy WangIndividualChemical Engineering



Ling Ying ZhengIndividualCivil and Environmental
Albert YoungIndividualMining
Joseph DaherTeamChemical Engineering
Jacqui OrmeTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Nisha PradhanIndividualElectrical Engineering & Telecommunications
Ankita SinghIndividualPetroleum Engineering
Stephanie McArthurIndividualComputer Science & Engineering
Lashan RanasingheTeamCivil Engineering with Architecture
Kelly ChenTeamMechatronic Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
Kieran PughTeamCivil Engineering / Commerce


Cassandra MurphyIndividualCivil Engineering
David PhanIndividualCivil Engineering
Ranie NguyenTeamCivil and Environmental
Linda TranTeamMechanical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering
Jenny TranTeamChemical Engineering


Joshua YenIndividualMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Sean HarrisIndividualComputer Science and Engineering
Thien NguyenIndividualMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Shawn PricenIndividualChemical Engineering
Nathan AdlerTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Sam CassisiTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Austin KongTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

2014 Highly Commended

Emma LovellIndividualChemical Engineering
William LiIndividualChemical Engineering
Annette AuIndividualMining Engineering
Jay ZouIndividualPetroleum Engineering
Marty DeakerTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Oliver KasTeamMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Rohin SimpsonIndividualCivil/Mining Engineering
Jessica ChauTeamChemical Engineering
Tom PerfrementTeamChemical Engineering


Di HeIndividualCivil & Environmental Engineering
Jennifer ChangIndividualChemical Engineering
Alexandra Le FevreIndividualMechanical & Manufacturing Eng


Meganne ChristianIndividualChemical Engineering
Alexandra DandieIndividualMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Hannah Mahony-HayesIndividualCivil and Environmental Engineering


Simon LewisIndividualElectrical Engineering & Telecommunications
Belinda TehTeamComputer Science & Engineering
Anne NgoTeamChemical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering
Adam BrimoIndividualComputer Science & Engineering
The Malcolm Chaikin Prize for Research Excellence in Engineering

The UNSW Faculty of Engineering offers some great opportunities to Postgraduate students, one such opportunity is through awards and prizes.

The Malcolm Chaikin Prize for Research Excellence in Engineering – a prize of $10,000 – is awarded each year for the best PhD thesis in the Faculty of Engineering.

The MCP for Research Excellence in Engineering
Postgraduate Research Symposium

UNSW Engineering’s Postgraduate Research Symposium is an annual event for students who expect to submit their thesis in the following year.

Students present their research to fellow students, research staff and industry experts, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work and develop their presentation skills. The event also allows students to network and compete for prizes.


2015 winner
Event information

This three day symposium is held at UNSW’s Kensington campus. Attended by all Engineering Postgraduate Research students, it features keynote talks and panel discussions from academic and industry leaders.

Several prizes, sponsored by the Faculty and schools, are awarded for outstanding presentations. 

Submission instructions

Presentations are submitted via Moodle and should include:

  1. Student information: student name and number, name of supervisor and school, and a primary (and optionally secondary) theme as listed on the submission site
  2.  A short title and an abstract of up to 500 words (this may be taken from your thesis abstract)

For the full list of prizes and awards available to students in the Faculty of Engineering and Engineering schools, visit Current Students