The Maker Games

The Maker Games is a rapid prototyping competition open to all UNSW undergraduate students. The competition is based on solving real-world challenges developed by industry partners. It is designed to showcase the skills and creativity of UNSW undergraduate students, the innovators of the future.

The Maker Games an introduction

Maker Games 2018

Why participate in the Maker Games?
  • Chance to win an international trip 

  • Kickstart your career and build relationships with leading industry professionals

  • Earn valuable course credit

  • Develop future career opportunities

  • Make lifelong friendships and start to build the networks that will help you build you career

  • Enhance your skills: innovation, problem solving, product development, teamwork, networking and more

"Being a part of The Makers Games has been so amazing in that it's easily allowed me to make great connections with industry and academic advisers. It's also given me lots of help in applying for jobs and internships! Being able to work towards something that I am passionate about with like-minded people has been so inspiring, and my favourite experience at UNSW. I would without a doubt recommend The Maker Games to any UNSW student."

- Gloria Tai, Mechanical Engineering Student

How the competition works

The competition is split into two stages, based on solving real-world challenges developed by leading industry partners. 

In stage 1, students form teams of 4-5 and work together to create a solution to solve the industry challenge they selected to solve. The winning team from each challenge go through to stage 2!

In stage 2, teams work closely with their industry, and UNSW academic staff, mentor to develop their idea and create a working prototype!

The eventual winners are awarded a once in a lifetime education trip.

For more information on the Maker Games, who can apply, how to apply, and when to apply, visit the Maker Games website below.