Opportunities for Current Students

Thrive in the largest female engineering community in Australia

The Women in Engineering community at UNSW is a valuable support network that will help empower you to grow personally and professionally. With bespoke mentoring and development opportunities and our program of industry events, we aim to ensure you emerge from UNSW as a highly employable and qualified professional.

WIESoc Industry Mentoring Program
Women in Engineering on LinkedIn
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DevelopME is a leadership program providing female engineering students with the opportunity to make life-long friends and develop the skills and confidence you need to kickstart your career! Each term you will be able to take part in a personal development workshop, build your careers skills through industry events and programs, get some technical upskilling through UNSW's Makerspace workshop, and volunteer at events and in schools to inspire younger girls to consider a career in STEM.

This program has been accredited by UNSW Advantage, which means that students who participate fully in the program can have it listed on their university transcript as an extra-curricular activity.

How it works:

For every time you volunteer, complete a workshop or attend an event you receive points.

Accumulate a total of 100 points, and take part in at least one activity from each of the four buckets (career building, personal development, technical upskilling, volunteering) and you will get the DevelopME Women in Engineering leadership program listed on your transcript. Points can be accumulated over multiple years.

How to enrol: 

For further information, please contact Sarah Coull, Women in Engineering Manager: s.coull@unsw.edu.au

WIESoc Industry Mentoring Program
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The Women in Engineering Student Society (WIESoc) runs a highly sought after Industry Mentoring Program, providing students with the opportunity to directly connect with industry representatives through one-on-one mentorship. The program officially runs from April to October where industry mentors will interact with mentees to provide the students with a deeper insight into their respective companies and professional environments.

The Industry Mentoring Program is AHEGS approved. In order to receive the AHEGS accreditation, mentees must attend at least five monthly meetings with their mentor (5 hours), attend all relevant workshops, ceremonies and checkpoint events (12 hours) and complete reflections after each event (3 hours).

For further information, please contact: industrymentoringprogram@wiesoc.com

Student Societies
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There are several student groups at UNSW that are focused on female engineering students or women interested in science, technology, engineering and maths. Student societies are a great way to get involved in student life at UNSW and meet new friends who share similar interests!

Here are some:

Women in Engineering on LinkedIn
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UNSW’s Women in Engineering LinkedIn Group connects current female students, recent graduates and alumni. This group is used to promote jobs and internships, mentoring opportunities and industry events that may be of interest to the community.

Join the WIE LinkedIn community here