Undergraduate Program Transfers

If you are an undergraduate student currently studying at UNSW then you may apply for a program transfer via one of the two following methods:

  • UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT) via myUNSW; or
  • Universities Admission Centre (UAC)*

*UAC is only available to domestic students (i.e. an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, a holder of an Australian permanent resident humanitarian visa.)

To ensure your best chance of success, please review the admission requirements for each option before applying.

UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT)

Students who apply for a program transfer via the IPT process are assessed on three key conditions:

  • your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) in your current program or your overall studies at UNSW;
  • Units of Credit (UOC) completed and/or are enrolled in;
  • your being of GOOD academic standing;

Details of the specific criteria for each program, as well as applications periods, can be found here.

If you meet the criteria above then you should apply via the IPT process, as there is a strong likelihood your application will be successful.

However if you are a domestic student and your performance at UNSW has been less than satisfactory, and you are still in first or second year, then you should consider applying through UAC so your admission can take your original qualification into consideration.

Universities Admission Centre (UAC)

If you are a domestic student, and you fail to meet any of the IPT criteria above, you are able to apply via UAC for admission into your preferred program. UAC will consider your original admission qualification alone, for example, your ATAR (if you are still in first year), or your ATAR in conjunction with your UNSW WAM (the longer you have been studying at university, the more weight will be given to your WAM when determining your admission rank).

Students should bear in mind there is an application fee associated with a UAC application and it is a highly competitive process where you will be competing with other students in NSW and the ACT for admission to UNSW in the year you apply.

Full details of UAC application procedures and deadlines can be found on their website, here.


The application dates for both the IPT and UAC application period differ and we encourage you to check the application dates for both.

If you are unsure whether you should apply for an IPT or through UAC please contact the relevant Program Authority for the program you are interested in for more guidance.