Dean’s Awards

The Dean's Awards are highly prestigious awards offered by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. They are designed to recognise the Faculty's high-achieving students – those who have a minimum High Distinction average (an overall cumulative myUNSW WAM of 85). Dean’s Awards

Students who maintain this high level of academic excellence can look forward to graduating with First Class Honours. Dean's Awards are just one way we offer our students recognition for their hard work.

2016 Dean's Awards

This year 100 students received the Dean’s Awards.

Who is eligible?

Students of UNSW Engineering who are currently completing an undergraduate degree who have at the end of Semester 2 of the previous year:

  • successfully completed a minimum of 48 Units of Credit at UNSW*
  • completed at least 24 units of credit in the previous academic year*

Awards are not available to students who:

  • have recorded a Fail
  • have completed the final year of an undergraduate degree within the UNSW Faculty of Engineering, and are Graduands.†

Selection process

Selection is based on a student's overall cumulative myUNSW WAM. All courses undertaken, not only Engineering courses, are included in the calculation of a student's WAM.

A minimum overall cumulative myUNSW WAM of 85 (High Distinction average) is required to be eligible for a Dean's Award.

A limited number of Dean's Awards are awarded each year, so eligibility does not guarantee receipt of a Dean's Award. From 2016 there will be 100 Dean's Awards presented each year.

Awards in each school will be distributed evenly across all stages:

  • Stage 1 status is reached when 48 units of credit are completed
  • Stage 2 status is normally reached when 96 units of credit are completed (minimum of 93 units of credit required)
  • Stage 3 status is normally reached when 144 units of credit are completed (minimum of 141 units of credit required)
  • Stage 4 status is normally reached when 192 units of credit are completed (minimum of 189 units of credit required**

Students may only receive a Dean's Award once for each Stage.


Student transcripts will show your Honours List achievement.

Further information

For more information, please email us

* Industrial training/experience and exchange are not counted as 'completed' units of credit.
† Graduates, instead, are considered for Honours and the University Medal.
** Only applicable for combined programs e.g. BE(Hons)/BSc or BE(Hons)/BCom. This does not apply to BE (Hons)/MBiomed programs as stage 4 of these programs is at the Masters level.

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