Transitional Arrangements

When new courses are introduced to the curriculum, old courses may be phased out.

This page helps us to communicate the status of these changes to you and keep you updated on their progress.

Please check your School below to determine if there are any changes that will affect you.


Biomedical Engineering

No changes 

Chemical Engineering

Old CourseNew Course from S1 2017
CHEM1011 or CHEM1031CHEM1811
CHEM1021 or CHEM1041CHEM1821

Civil and Environmental Engineering

If you have not completed or failed any of the 'OLD COURSES' please ensure you enrol in the corresponding course on the right-hand side which is its equivalent for the purpose of meeting the requirements of your program.

OLD CourseNEW Equivalent Courses
CVEN2201 Soil Mechanics CVEN3202 Soil Mechanics 
CVEN3402 Transport Eng & Envir Sus CVEN2402 Transport Eng & Envir Sus 
CVEN3401 Sustainable Trans & Highway Eng CVEN2401 Sustainable Trans & Highway Eng 
CVEN3201 Applied Geotechnics & Eng Geology CVEN3203 Applied Geotechnics & Eng Geology 
CVEN3302 Structural Design CVEN3304 Concrete Structures 
CVEN2302 Materials & Structures CVEN3303 Steel Structures 
CVEN3301 Structural Analysis & Modelling CVEN2303 Structural Analysis & Modelling 
CVEN1300 Engineering Mechanics for Civil EngineersENGG1300 Engineering Mechanics
CVEN2501 Principles of Water EngineersENGG2500 Fluid Mechanics for Engineers
CVEN2301 Mechanics of Solids for Civil EngineersENGG2400 Mechanics of Solids

Approved substitution

PlanApproved Substitution
Civil Engineering Plans
Environmental Engineering Plans
Students may substitute CVEN3031 Engineering Practice with ENGG3001 Fundamentals of Humanitarian Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

New courses available

COMP1917COMP1511Introduction to ProgrammingS1,17 onwards
COMP3441 (UG) COMP9441 (PG)COMP6441 and COMP6841Security Engineering and Cyber SecurityS1,17 onwards
COMP1927COMP2521Data Structures and AlgorithmsS2,17 onwards
n/aCOMP1521Computer Systems FundamentalsS2,17 onwards
SENG1031COMP1531Software Engineering FundamentalsS2, 17 onwards
n/aCOMP9900Information Technology ProjectS2,17 onwards
COMP2911COMP2511Object-Oriented Design & ProgrammingS1,18 onwards
n/aCOMP3900Computer Science ProjectS1,18 onwards


New streams available

BSC Computer Science Majors:

COMPY1Security EngineeringAvailable for students commencing 2017 onwards
COMPJ1Programming LanguagesAvailable for students commencing 2017 onwards


More Information 

Please refer to the video from the recent CSE UG Information Session presented by John Shepherd for more information on the changes.

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

New courseDescriptionOffered from
ELEC4605Quantam device and computerS2 2018
ELEC3705Fundamentals of Quantum EngineeringS2 2017


Old courseReplaced with
TELE4120 Thesis - Part AELEC4120 Thesis - Part A
TELE4121 Thesis - Part BELEC4121 Thesis - Part B
PHTN4120 Thesis - Part AELEC4120 Thesis - Part A
PHTN4121 Thesis - Part BELEC4121 Thesis - Part B
TELE3117 Telecoms DesignELEC3117 Electrical Engineering Design
PHTN3117 Photonic Eng Design ELEC3117 Electrical Engineering Design
TELE4123 Telecomms Design ProficiencyELEC4123 Electrical Design Proficiency
PHTN4123 Photonic Design ProficiencyELEC4123 Electrical Design Proficiency


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Old courseReplaced with
AERO4120 Aerospace Design Project BProfessional Elective


Mining Engineering

No changes


Petroleum Engineering

Old courseNew equivalent coursesFrom year onwards
PTRL1010, GEOS3321PTRL1001From 2016 onwards
PTRL2018PTRL2020From 2017 onwards
PTRL3003PTRL2030From 2017 onwards
PTRL3003,PTRL3002PTRL3030From 2017 onwards
PTRL3002PTRL3040From 2017 onwards
PTRL3023PTRL3050From 2017 onwards


Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering

From 2018 onwards, SOLA5054 will no longer be offered and students should refer to the table below to ensure you are enrolling in the correct course(s):

SOLA4012 completed?SOLA5054 completed?Course(s) left to complete
NoNoSOLA4012 and SOLA5057*
YesYesNo changes


* Note – If you previously completed SOLA5057 as an elective. Recommendation – SOLA5057 is a substitution for SOLA5054, this means you have an elective left to complete.

** You will still need to complete SOLA4012, despite the current exclusion between SOLA4012 and SOLA5054. You should be able to enrol yourself via myUNSW, you may contact us if you experience any problems.