PG Electives

Course availability is subject to timetabling and teaching resources.

Courses may have a number of requisites. Students should plan ahead to make sure that the requisites of the courses they are interested in are satisfied.

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Master of Information Technology

Level 0 - courses with no prerequisite

Course codeTimetableCourse nameADK Course?Comment
BINF9010  [ T ]Bioinformatics Methods and Applications  
COMP6441 [ T ]Security Engineering and Cyber Security COMP9441 was replaced by COMP6441 in 2017. Similar course with different code
COMP9020  [ T ]Foundations of Computer Science  
COMP9021  [ T ]Principles of Programming  
COMP9032  [ T ]Microprocessors and Interfacing  
COMP9311  [ T ]Database Systems  
COMP9414  [ T ]Artificial Intelligence  
COMP9814 [ T ]Extended Artificial Intelligence  This course is not running in 2019
COMP9511  [ T ]Human Computer Interaction  
GSOE9210  [ T ]Engineering Decision Structures  
GSOE9220  [ T ]Launching a Start-Up  
GSOE9820  [ T ]Engineering Project Management  

Level 1 - courses with level 0 as prerequisite(s)

Course codeTimetableCourse nameADK Course?Comment
BINF6111 [ T ]Genome Informatics Engineering Design Workshop  
BINF6112 [ T ]Computational Biology Engineering Design Workshop  
COMP4418  [ T ]Knowledge Representation and ReasoningX 
COMP6451 [ T ]Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technologies  
COMP6324 [ T ]Internet of Things Service Design and Engineering  
COMP9024  [ T ]Data Structures and Algorithms  
COMP9044  [ T ]Software Construction: Techniques and Tools  
COMP9101  [ T ]Design & Analysis of Algorithms  
COMP9801  [ T ]Extended Design & Analysis of Algorithms  
COMP9222  [ T ]Digital Circuits and Systems  
COMP9321 [ T ]Data Services Engineering  
COMP9322 [ T ]Software Service Design and Engineering  
COMP9331  [ T ]Computer Networks and Applications  
COMP9334  [ T ]System Capacity PlanningX 
COMP9415  [ T ]Computer Graphics  
COMP9447  [ T ]Security Engineering Workshop  

Level 2 - courses with chains of two prerequisites

Course codeTimetableCourse nameADK Course?Comment
BINF9020[ T ]Computational Bioinformatics  
COMP4141[ T ]Theory of Computation  
COMP4161[ T ]Advanced Topics in Software VerificationX 
COMP6452[ T ]Software Architecture for Blockchain ApplicationsX 
COMP6714[ T ]Information Retrieval and Web SearchX 
COMP6721[ T ](In-)Formal Methods: The Lost Art  
COMP6733[ T ]Internet of Things Experimental Design StudioX 
COMP6752[ T ]Modelling Concurrent SystemsX 
COMP6771[ T ]Advanced C++ ProgrammingXCOMP9171 was removed in 2014.  It was replaced by COMP6771 in 2014.  Same course, different code.
COMP6841[ T ]Extended Security Engineering and Cyber Security  
COMP9102[ T ]Programming Languages and Compilers  
COMP9154[ T ]Foundations of Concurrency  
COMP9164[ T ]Concepts of Programming Languages  
COMP9153[ T ]Algorithmic VerificationX 
COMP9201[ T ]Operating Systems  
COMP9283[ T ]Extended Operating Systems  
COMP9211[ T ]Computer Architecture  
COMP9313[ T ]Big Data Management  
COMP9315[ T ]Database Systems ImplementationX 
COMP9318[ T ]Data Warehousing and Data MiningX 
COMP9319[ T ]Web Data Compression and SearchX 
COMP9332[ T ]Network Routing and Switching  
COMP9333[ T ]Advanced Computer Networks  Course no longer running
COMP9336[ T ]Mobile Data NetworkingX 
COMP9337[ T ]Securing Wireless NetworkSX 
COMP9417[ T ]Machine Learning and Data MiningX 
COMP9434[ T ]Robotic Software ArchitectureX 
COMP9444[ T ]Neural NetworksX 
COMP9517[ T ]Computer VisionX 

Level 3 - courses with chains of three prerequisites



Course codeTimetableCourse nameADK Course?Comment
COMP4121 [ T ]Advanced and Parallel AlgorithmsX 
COMP6443[ T ]Web Application Security Testing  
COMP6445 [ T ]Digital ForensicsX 
COMP6447  [ T ]System and Software Security AssessmentX 
COMP6448  [ T ]Security Engineering MasterclassX Occasional course. Not run every year.
COMP6741 [ T ]Parameterized and Exact ComputationX Added as ADK from 2019 onwards
COMP6843 [ T ]Extended Web Application Security and Testing  
COMP6845 [ T ]Extended Digital Forensics and Incident ResponseX 
COMP9242 [ T ]Advanced Operating SystemsX 
COMP9243 [ T ]Distributed SystemsX 
COMP9323 [ T ]Software as a Service ProjectX 
COMP9418 [ T ]Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine LearningX 
COMP9596 Research Project - 12 UOC X 
COMP9900 Information Technology Project X 
COMP9945 Research Project - 18 UOC X 

Non-Computing elective options



Course codeTimetableCourse nameADK Course?Comment
BIOT7160  [ T ]Genomics & Proteomics   
MBAX9117  [ T ]E-Business Strategy and Management  GBAT9117 was replaced by MBAX9117 in 2016. It is the same course. You must apply 6 weeks before the start of term by submitting a MBT Cross Program Enrolment form to Enrolment may be subject to relevant work experience. A resume must be attached to the application.
GEOS9016  [ T ]Principles of Geographic Information Systems and ScienceX 
GMAT9106  [ T ]Special Topic in GeoIT & Applications  
GMAT9200  [ T ]Principles of GPS PositioningX 
GMAT9201  [ T ]GPS Receivers and How They Work  
GMAT9205  [ T ]Fundamentals of Geopositioning  
GMAT9210  [ T ]GeoIT and Infomobility AppsX 
GMAT9211  [ T ]Modern Geodesy and Applications  
GMAT9300  [ T ]Aerial and Satellite Imaging SystemsX 
GMAT9600  [ T ]Principles of Remote SensingX 
GMAT9606  [ T ]Microwave Remote Sensing  
GSOE9010  [ T ]Engineering PGCW Research Skills  
GSOE9011  [ T ]Engineering PGCW Research Skills (online)  
GSOE9758  [ T ]Network Systems Architecture  
INFS5885  [ T ]e-Business  
INFS5905  [ T ]Information Systems Auditing and Assurance  
INFS5991  [ T ]Business Intelligence Methods  
TABL5521  [ T ]E-Business and the Law  LEGT5421 was replaced by TABL5521 in 2014.  It is the same course.
MATH5836  [ T ]Data Mining and Business Applications  
MATH5845  [ T ]Time Series  
MATH5846  [ T ]Intro to Probability and Stochastic Processes   
MATH5855  [ T ]Multivariate Analysis  
MATH5856  [ T ]Intro to Statistics and Statistical Computations  
MATH5905  [ T ]Statistical Inference  
MATH5960  [ T ]Bayesian inference and Computation  
TELE9751  [ T ]Switching Systems Architecture  
TELE9752  [ T ]Network Operations and Control  
TELE9753  [ T ]Advanced Wireless Communications  
TELE9754  [ T ]Coding & Information Theory  
MARK5826 [ T ]Product Analytics  New non-cse elective added in 2019
MARK5827 [ T ]Customer Analytics  New non-cse elective added in 2019
MARK5828 [ T ]Advertising Analytics  New non-cse elective added in 2019