UG Thesis for 2019 - FAQs

What is the new Thesis structure?

From Term 1, 2019 the Engineering thesis will be taken for the duration of three terms - as Thesis A, Thesis B and Thesis C.

Each course will carry 4 Units of Credit (UoC) for a total of 12 UoC. The total UoC requirement remains unchanged from current.

Students will have two options to take Thesis from 2019:

  • Option 1 - Standard: (4 UoC per term starting T1, T2 or T3): Students enrol in Thesis A, Thesis B and thesis C and complete the Thesis across three consecutive terms. Total of 12 UoC. Note than once Thesis A is taken, Thesis B and Thesis C must be taken consecutively in the two terms that follow.

  • Option 2: (4+8: 4 UoC in one term and 8 UoC in the following term): Students who demonstrate satisfactory progress in Thesis A may apply to their School to take a 4+8 UoC structure where both Thesis B and C are taken in the next single term of that year. Total of 12 UoC. This option is subject to having demonstrated satisfactory progress in Thesis A.

Students who do not maintain satisfactory performance in Option 2 will revert to Option 1 and take Thesis across three terms.

Thesis A, Thesis B and Thesis C will run in every term (T1, T2 and T3).

Why is the Thesis structure changing for 2019?

The UNSW3+ Academic Calendar brings with it new opportunities to enhance current programs and initiatives. To ensure that a sufficient amount of time is provided to complete the thesis, and in order to maintain the strict educational standards by the Faculty to ensure that honours students will continue to graduate with a competitive edge, the thesis structure will continue to run for the duration of the entire year under UNSW3+. In order to cover the additional term this will require a change from two thesis courses to three: Thesis A, Thesis B and Thesis C. The total amount of credit for thesis will remain unchanged as 12 UoC.

The change in structure provides additional benefits to students including more time to complete the Thesis over current and the option to take a more flexible 4/8 UoC structure. The current structure is much more rigid and does not allow for many of the alternate possibilities on offer.

Can I start the thesis in Term 2 or Term 3 from 2019?

Yes, it is possible to start the Thesis in any term, however once Thesis A is taken, Thesis B and Thesis C must be completed in each term consecutively afterward.

What about industry-based Theses?

Industry based theses will still follow the traditional Thesis A and Thesis B structure, except they will run in terms from 2019 onward. These courses will still follow the UNSW3+ Academic Calendar and be converted to term formats (i.e. they will run in two terms instead of semesters). Please check with your School for further details. The new structure only applies to research-based theses.

I still need to do more courses to complete my degree. Can I still enrol in additional courses next year?

Yes. In addition to the Thesis, you can enrol in up to two additional courses per term. You should enrol in these courses when annual enrolment opens from October 2, 2018. These courses will run under the new UNSW3+ Academic Calendar structure for the standard ten-week duration. Thesis B will be the only exception to this.

Overloading is possible, however it will require program authority approval from your School.

How does the 4+8 UOC thesis option work?

The 4+8 UoC option is intended for students who have demonstrated sufficient progress to allow them to finish their thesis project in two terms. Students enrolled in this structure will take Thesis A in the first term and then, provided that satisfactory progress has been reached, will take Thesis B and C in the term following Thesis A.

If progress is deemed as unsatisfactory at the end of Thesis A, the student will move to the default Thesis option: Thesis A, B and C (4 UoC).

Which thesis structure should I enrol in?

Your School will shortly provide information as to which structure you will enrol in when annual enrolment opens on 2 October.

Can I still enrol in other courses if I am doing the 4/8 UoC option?

Yes, you will still be able to enrol in up to two additional courses. Given the increased workload of having to do Thesis B and C together, two courses per term would be the maximum recommended by the Faculty.

Should I plan my thesis year for the 4/8 UoC option?

It is not guaranteed that you will be able to enrol by default in the 4/8 option, as it will between Schools. Your School will communicate with you in the upcoming days as to the structure that you will enrol in when annual enrolment opens on October 2, 2019. Once you receive this confirmation, you will be able to plan your thesis year.

I’m studying Thesis A in Semester 2, 2018. How will this work for me?

From October 2, students who are currently taking Thesis A in S2 2018 will be able to enrol into Thesis B for T1 2019. This is the same Thesis B that you would ordinarily take if the calendar was not changing. This option ensures that students currently undergoing the thesis are able to complete it within the same amount of time a semester would currently afford you to do Thesis B. Thesis A Students who are eligible will be emailed separately with instructions or should contact the Student Centre if there are any further questions or concerns.

For students who need to do 24 UoC to complete their degree in 2019, overloading to 24 UoC in T1 is possible, however it will require program authority approval. Alternatively you may choose to complete 12 UoC over each of T1 and T2.

What if I do not demonstrate satisfactory progress in one of the thesis courses?

You will be able to repeat the previous thesis in the following term.

Will I have to pay additional fees for the additional course?

Under the new structure, the standard course fees that Thesis A and B ordinarily would attract will instead be split across Thesis A, B and C from 2019 and onward. The result is no net change from current (apart from any future fee adjustments as determined by the University).

Who do I contact for help?

Please contact the Student Centre by webform located here.