Engineering and Technical Management Courses

The central ideas & skills of ETM courses are generally useful in a wide range of engineering disciplines, using a wide variety of technologies and different contexts.

If a course is coded GSOE then the assumed knowledge is knowledge that any BE graduate should have.

If a course is coded by discipline, then its assumed knowledge could include knowledge that only graduates of that discipline can be expected to have.


  1. Not all courses are offered every year.  Contact the relevant School.
  2. There may be quotas on enrolments from any particular stream into a given course.

Click on the course to view the current handbook description, click on the [ T ] to view the current timetable.

Course code Timetable Course name
GSOE9210 [ T ] Engineering Decision Structures
[ T ]
[ T ]
[ T ]
Engineering Economics OR
Engineering Economics and Financial Management OR
Topics in Business Management in Chemical Engineering
GSOE9712 [ T ] Engineering Statistics and Experimental Design
CVEN9888 [ T ] Environmental Management
GSOE9510 [ T ] Ethics & Leadership in Engineering
MANF9400 [ T ] Industrial Management*
GSOE9445 [ T ] Entrepreneurial Engineering
MATH5846 [ T ] Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes
[ T ]
[ T ]
Life Cycle Engineering OR 
Life Cycle Assessment
[ T ]
[ T ]
Managing Energy Efficiency OR 
Operational Energy Efficiency
MATH5165 [ T ] Optimization
COMP9021 [ T ] Principles of Programming
MANF9472 [ T ] Production Planning and Control*
GSOE9360 [ T ] Academic Discourse in Engineering
[ T ]
[ T ]
Project Management OR 
Project Management Framework
GSOE9810 [ T ] Quality in Engineering
SOLA9103 [ T ] RE System Modelling & Analysis
MANF6860 [ T ] Strategic Manufacturing Management*
SOLA9004 [ T ] Sustainable and Renewable Energy
CVEN9892 [ T ] Sustainability Assessment
GSOE9143 [ T ] Sustainable Electrical Energy Technology Assessment
SOLA5056 [ T ] Sustainable Energy in Developing Countries


* MANF courses will not count as ETM courses for students enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering and Management stream without the prior approval of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.