First year engineering electives list

Some electives are required later in the program. Also, for each of the specialised programs, some Year 1 elective courses are recommended, that is, they are suggested Year 1 electives, but any other electives may be chosen in Year 1 without affecting progress in the program.

  • Not all Year 1 elective courses must be taken in the first year. Some courses may have pre-requisites, co-requisites or exclusions, please check carefully.
  • The Chemistry courses are sequenced: CHEM1011&1021 or CHEM1031&1041 or CHEM1811&1821 or MATS1101&CEIC1001.
  • Students can only count one of either COMP1521 or COMP1531 as a first year elective.
  • For more details about individual programs, see the relevant entry in the Online Handbook.
  • All courses are 6 units of credit (UOC)

Please feel welcome to speak to an advisor if you want help clarifying your choice of courses.
If you are enrolling into 2nd year and later, please contact your school office if you require assistance with your enrolment.

Having chosen the courses for this semester, you are ready to log in to myUNSW and complete your enrolment.


Course Code Course title Semester Prerequisite Streams including as core subject Recommended Excluded
BABS1201 Molecules, Cells and Genes Summer, 1        
BIOM1010 Engineering in Medicine Biology 2     All biomedical engineering dual combinations  
BIOS1301 Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Science 1  

Environmental Engineering

CEIC1000 Sustainable Product Engineering and Design 2     Chemical Engineering, Industrial Chemistry  
CHEM1811 Engineering Chemistry 1A 1   Chemical Engineering   CHEM1011, CHEM1031, CHEM1051, MATS1101, CEIC1001
CHEM1821 Engineering Chemistry 1B 2   Chemical Engineering   CEIC1001, CHEM1021, CHEM1041, CHEM1061, MATS1101
CHEM1011 Chemistry A 1, 2   Environmental Engineering   CHEM1031, CHEM1051
CHEM1031 Higher Chemistry A 1       CHEM1011, CHEM1051
CHEM1021 Chemistry B Summer, 2 CHEM1011 or CHEM1031     CHEM1041, CHEM1061
CHEM1041 Higher Chemistry B 2

CHEM1011 (credit or above) or CHEM1031

    CHEM1021, CHEM1061
COMP1521 Computer Systems Fundamentals 2 COMP1511 Bioinformatics, Software Electrical, Telecommunications COMP1531
COMP1531 Software Engineering Fundamentals 2 COMP1511 Bioinformatics, Software   COMP1521
CVEN1300 Engineering Mechanics  for Civil Engineers Summer, 1, 2

MATH1131/1141 and PHYS1121/1131

Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering Environmental Engineering, Surveying MINE1300
CVEN1701 Environmental Principles and Systems 2     Environmental Engineering  
ENGG1200 Undergraduate Special Projects 1, 2 On approval. Contact Engineering Student Centre.      
ENGG1400 Engineering Infrastructure Systems 2     Civil Engineering, Geospatial Engineering  
ELEC1111 Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Summer, 1, 2   All EET and MME streams (except Mechatronic Engineering) Electrical Engineering, Photovoltaics and Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications ELEC1112
GEOS1111 Fundamentals of Geology 2     Mining Engineering GENS7602, GENS7604
GEOS3321 Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology 2     Petroleum Engineering  
GMAT1110 Surveying and GIS 2   Geospatial Engineering, Surveying    
MATH1081 Discrete Mathematics 1, 2   Bioinformatics Engineering, Software Engineering   MATH1090
MATS1101 Engineering Materials and Chemistry 1, 2     Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering  
MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering 1 (F to F), 2 (online/distance)     Mining Engineering  
MMAN1300 Engineering Mechanics 1, 2 MATH1131/1141 and PHYS1121/1131 All MME streams   CVEN1300, MINE1300
PHYS1231 Higher Physics 1B Summer, 2

PHYS1121 (credit or above) or PHYS1131 or PHYS1141 and MATH1231/1241

  Alternative physics course for Computer Engineering, all SPREE and all MME streams (except Naval Architecture) PHYS1221, PHYS1241
PSYC1001 Psychology 1A 1       GENS9001
PTRL1001 Introduction to Petroleum Engineering and Geology 2   Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Engineering  
SOLA1070 Sustainable Energy 2     Photovoltaics and Solar Energy, Renewable Energy