Guaranteed Entry for admission to UNSW

UNSW has introduced Guaranteed Entry to provide clarity and reduce uncertainty for prospective students. This allows us to tell you today what selection rank will guarantee you a place in Engineering at UNSW. For more information about Guaranteed Entry visit this page and read through the information below. 

How do I apply for Guaranteed Entry?

There is no application for Guaranteed Entry – all you need to do is apply via the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) for a degree at UNSW. To receive a Guaranteed Entry offer to UNSW, you must:

1. Have a rank (ATAR + adjustment factors) at or above the Guaranteed Selection Rank published below

2. Have the degree listed as one of your UAC preferences for the UAC Main Round

3. Ensure that UNSW degree is your highest eligible preference

If you are unsure about how to order your preferences, contact the UNSW Future Students Office for advice.

Guaranteed Selection Ranks for Engineering
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Degree NameUAC Code2017 GE Rank2018 GE Rank2019 GE Rank
Aerospace Engineering (Hons)42505092.0092.0093.00
Bioinformatics Engineering (Hons)42577092.0092.0093.00
Chemical Engineering (Hons)42555092.0092.0093.00
Civil Engineering (Hons)42540092.0092.0093.00
Civil Engineering/Environmental42540192.0092.0093.00
Engineering (Civil with Architecture) (Hons)42545096.0096.0096.00
Civil/Mining Engineering42540192.0092.0093.00
Computer Engineering (Hons)42570092.0092.0093.00
BE ME Electrical Engineering42515096.0096.0096.00
Computer Science (BSc)42580092.0092.0093.00
Computer Science/Arts42580092.0092.0093.00
Computer Science/Media Arts (Hons)42580192.0092.0093.00
Computer Science/Science 425800 92.00 92.00  93.00 
Electrical Engineering (Hons) 425100 92.00  92.00  93.00 
BE ME Electrical Engineering 42515096.0096.00 96.00
Engineering (Hons)/Arts 42585092.00 92.00 93.00 
Engineering (Hons)/Master of Biomedical Engineering 42595092.00 92.00 93.00 
Engineering (Hons)/Commerce42590097.2097.0097.00
Engineering (Hons)/Computer Science42585092.00 92.00 93.00
Engineering (Hons)/Science42585092.00 92.00 93.00
Environmental Engineering (Hons)42547092.00 92.00 93.00
Flexible First Year42500092.00 92.00 93.00
Food Science and Technology (BSc)42560092.00 92.00 93.00
Geospatial Engineering (Hons)42550092.00 92.00 n/a
Industrial Chemistry (Hons)42555092.00 92.00 n/a
Mechanical Engineering (Hons)42505092.00 92.00 93.00
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Hons) 42505092.00 92.00 93.00
Mechatronic Engineering (Hons)42502092.00 92.00 93.00
Mining Engineering (Hons)42530092.00 92.00 93.00
Naval Architecture (Hons)42505092.00 suspendedsuspended
Petroleum Engineering (Hons)42565092.00 92.00 93.00
Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering (Hons)42520092.00 92.00 93.00
Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons)42520092.00 92.00 93.00
Software Engineering (Hons)42575092.00 92.00 93.00
Surveying (Hons)42550092.00 92.00 93.00
Telecommunications (Hons)42510092.00 92.00 93.00
Frequently asked questions
What is Guaranteed Entry?

Offers to UNSW are made based on your selection rank – which is your ATAR plus any eligible Adjustment factors. With the introduction of Guaranteed Entry, UNSW provides clarity by publishing the Guaranteed Selection Rank that assures your entry to UNSW in a particular degree.

Can I use Guaranteed Entry after UAC Main Round?

Guaranteed Entry applies to UAC Main Round offers only.

How will my Guaranteed Entry offer be confirmed?

Once ATARs are released in mid-December 2018, you will be able to confirm your eligibility for a Guaranteed Entry offer by comparing your selection rank (ATAR + Adjustment factors) to the Guaranteed Selection Rank.

Based on your UAC preferences, we will send you a letter confirming your Guaranteed Entry to UNSW via a UAC Main Round offer.

What if I change my UAC preferences?

If you change your preferences don’t worry. While you may not receive a letter confirming your Guaranteed Entry to UNSW, as long as your selection rank equals the Guaranteed Selection Rank, you will receive an offer to study in the main round.

Your preferences for the UAC Main Round must be ordered in a way that will allow us to make you an offer. If you are unsure about how to order your preferences, contact the UNSW Future Students Office for advice on +61 2 9385 1844.

What if my selection rank is below the Guaranteed Selection Rank?

If your selection rank (ATAR + adjustment factors) is below the Guaranteed Selection Rank, you may still receive an offer to study at UNSW – it’s just that we won’t be able to confirm this until the UAC Main Round. If this situation applies to you, look at the 2018 Guaranteed Entry Selection Rank cut-off as a guide to how competitive you may be. If you are near the 2018 cut-off, you may be competitive for an offer in the UAC Main Round. If you want to chat about this, or what back-up plans may be appropriate, please speak to the Future Students Office or another way to maximise your chance of an offer is to apply for the UNSW Engineering FEAS (Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme). Visit this page 

I have more questions… who can I talk to?

The UNSW Future Students Office is available to help. Please ring them on +61 (2) 9385 1844 or email the Future Student Office and they will be able to answers any questions you may have.