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About the club

Designer. Communicator. Creative Problem-solver. Explorer. Team Player. Critical thinker. Inventor.

As an engineer, you are all these and more! Engineers enhance our lives every day, by creating innovative solutions to problems in our world.

And the world needs the powerful perspective of girls just like YOU.

The Girls in Engineering Club is a fun, inspiring community for high school girls who are interested in STEM, study maths or science at school, or who just want to explore what engineering is all about.

It’s a place to be yourself and discover what you’re passionate about!

Girls in Engineering Club

You can connect and share ideas with fellow high school girls who are also discovering the possibilities of a career in engineering. You will hear from inspiring role models, from UNSW engineering students to female engineers already making their mark on the world. They can’t wait to share their stories with you and answer your questions!

By joining the club you will receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to Girls in Engineering Club events
  • Monthly inspo delivered to your email, featuring profiles of amazing female engineers, study tips and tricks, blogs from our current engineering students, and loads of info to help you explore your career options in engineering
  • Opportunities to be mentored by current female engineering students at UNSW
  • The chance to win prizes through participating in fun STEM activities!
  • Access to a closed Facebook community to connect with likeminded girls
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