Checklist for Industrial Training

1. Enrol in Moodle 

Use this key to enrol in the Faculty of Engineering Industrial Training Moodle course under “Selfenrolment (Student)” (see image below): Eng5tudent!

2. Have I completed the 5 prerequisite modules?

  • Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Planning and Networking Skills
  • Workplace Behaviours
  • Industrial Training and Your Health and Safety

3. Have I enrolled in my School group on Moodle using the group activity key?

Yes – You now have access to submitting a placement pre-approval application

No – Be sure to enrol, or you will not be able to access any of your assessment requirements

4. Have I received my job offer?

Yes – Congratulations 

5. Have I applied for Industrial Training pre-approval with the required documentation?

Yes – Await approval confirmation

No – Refer to Placement Types and Required Supporting Documentation

6. Have I collected the required supporting documentation from my employer?

Yes – You can apply for pre-approval

No – Contact your employer and obtain the Required Supporting Documentation

7. Have I received approval on my pre-approval application prior to commencement?

Yes – You can start your Industrial Training. Remember to set work goals (in the Employer Evaluation form) during your first week

No – Contact  for further information and instructions

8. Have I completed the Employer Evaluation form with my employer?

Yes – Make sure your hours have been signed off

No – Be sure to set up a meeting with your employer in order fill out this form, and get the days you have worked signed off. This must be done for each placement

9. Have I accumulated 60 days from all of my Industrial Training placements (maximum 3 placements can be counted)?

Yes – You can start writing your Final IT Report. You only need to write one report for all of your placements. Refer to Moodle Assessment for instruction.

No – You need to find more placement(s) to ensure you have a minimum of 60 days

10. Have I submitted my Final IT Report to Moodle?

Yes – As soon as you receive a mark of “Satisfactory” on your report, you’ve completed with Industrial Training!

No – Submit your report on Moodle as soon as possible after completing your 60 days of IT. See Moodle for more information