Checklist for Industrial Training

To graduate and qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia, you must complete a minimum of 60 days approved Industrial Training. This gives you real work experience in an Engineering environment. Follow our 10-step checklist below to track your progress and meet Industrial Training requirements.

1. Enrol in Moodle
2. Have I completed the 5 pre-requisite modules?
  • Writing a Successful Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Planning and Networking Skills
  • Workplace Behaviours
  • Industrial Training and Your Health and Safety
3. Have I chosen my School group in Moodle?
  • Yes – You can now submit an approval application for a placement.
  • No – Make sure you choose your school group.
4. Have I been offered a placement?
5. Have I applied for approval for my Industrial Training placement and provided all the required documentation?
  • Yes – You must gain approval prior to commencing your placement.
  • No – Refer to Types of Industrial Training and required supporting documentation.
6. Have I received approval for my Industrial Training application prior to commencement?
  • Yes – You’re able to commence your placement. Remember to make an appointment with your supervisor to set the SMART goals in your Employer Evaluation Form.
  • No – Await confirmation from the Industrial Training office. You must receive approval prior to commencing your placement.
7. Have I completed the Employer Evaluation form with my Supervisor?
  • Yes – Make sure your days have been signed off by your Supervisor and you have received written confirmation of the days you have worked.
  • No – Set up a meeting with your Supervisor to complete the form and request written confirmation of the days you have worked.
8. Have I completed 60 days that are logged in the UNSW Engineering Moodle page?
  • Yes – You’ll be enrolled into the course ENGG4999 to submit your Final written report.
  • No – You’ll need to complete 60 days.
9. I’ve submitted my Final Industrial Training Report to Moodle. How do I know it’s complete?

As soon as you receive a mark of “Satisfactory” on your report, you’ve completed your Industrial Training.