Guideline for unpaid Industrial Training

The Faculty of Engineering strongly does not recommend unpaid industrial training (IT), however, recognises that in some extenuating circumstances, students may not be able to obtain paid IT. If a student wishes to pursue unpaid IT, importantly this has to be around new learning, thus the student wanting to undertake a placement in a workplace needs to be able to demonstrate that they are in a role that will allow them to achieve the learning objectives of industrial training through engagement with new learning.

If the student has exhausted every avenue recommended in the Industrial Training Guideline, then the below procedure should be applied. Students will only be able to undertake unpaid IT at the proposed organisation for a maximum of 12 weeks. Students must only conduct IT that provides a learning experience, and NOT work that simply assists with the ordinary operation of the business or organisation. For further information, refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman.


  1. Student will obtain a written statement and job description from the proposed company outlining tasks they will be undertaking. This should be on a company letter head, signed by the responsible workplace supervisor/industrial training contact.
  2. Student will fill in the Learning Outcomes for Unpaid IT form which requests student and supervisor to work out the learning objectives of the placement, the agreed learning support and agreed feedback process. This will be signed by the student and supervisor.
  3. Student and workplace supervisor will fill in the Engineering Risk Management Form and sign.
  4. Student will submit the 3 documents to their School's Administration for the Industrial Training Coordinator for review and sign.
  5. After the Schools Industrial Training Coordinator has signed the 3 documents, you will be informed if your placement has been approved via email.
  6. If you employer requires a copy of the UNSW Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency, they must email
  7. It is recommended that you seek further advice from UNSW Finance to ensure you have adequate insurance prior to commencing your placement.
  8. If commencing a placement overseas, ensure that you visit global departure to register your travel and read the necessary information so that you are fully prepared before you depart.


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