Things you need to know

Industrial Training (IT) is important for making you, as an engineering student, work ready. To graduate from an Engineering program at UNSW, all students must complete a minimum of 60 working days of IT. This means, not only do you graduate with some real on-the-job experience, you also qualify for accreditation by Engineers Australia (EA), the national accreditation body.

When should you undertake Industrial Training?

IT is best accumulated in the summer recesses at the end of 2nd and 3rd year. Ideally, the 60 working days of IT could be spread out over a year as an engineering internship or over the summer holidays at the end of the 2nd and 3rd years.

Industrial Training Procedure

The Faculty requirements for IT can be found here.

  • Certification from supervisor/employer of number of days of engineering practice,
  • A report by the student demonstrating the nature of the practical experience undertaken and a description of the engineering environment.


The company you are undertaking IT with should provide you with insurance, not UNSW. The company should provide you with workers compensation and public liability insurances as a minimum, however, it is necessary for you to check with the company that insurance is provided and the extent of coverage. Australian employers carry workers' compensation and public liability insurance cover for paid IT. If there are any concerns regarding this, then you should contact the UNSW Risk Advisory & Internal Audit (RAIA).


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