Master of Information Technology

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2 years
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Also available: Graduate Diploma of Information Technology - 5543

                          Graduate Certificate of Computing - 7543

Belinda Teh, Computer Science and UNSW Women in Engineering alumni

Being creative is actually a really important aspect of engineering. Engineering isn’t just about logical thinking; it’s about innovating for the future.

Belinda Teh, Computer Science and UNSW Women in Engineering alumni

UNSW Master of Information Technology is a distinctive two-year program for students seeking a high-quality information technology education. It is designed for both graduates with minimal prior computing experience and graduates with a computer science-related bachelor’s degree.

In our research-intense environment, graduates will be exposed to fundamental knowledge and cutting edge advances in computing and information processing. Training will include the development of applications, frameworks, products and services for growing areas such as robotics and internet services.

The Master of Information Technology program allows students to specialise in up to two research areas. These include artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, database systems, e-commerce systems, theoretical computer science and data science. Academics are actively and successfully contributing to research in areas such as cybersecurity, software development and visual analytics.

We are home to the largest cohort of engineering students, regularly dominating the annual Top 100 Most Influential Engineers in Australia list with our researchers and alumni. UNSW Engineering graduates have a social impact, such as providing solutions to empower disadvantaged communities and improving healthcare delivery in developing countries.

Sample Program Outlines*

Students may choose one or two of the following streams

Course codeCourse nameNotes
COMPASArtificial Intelligence 
COMPCSInformation Technology 
COMPDSDatabase Systems 
COMPESe-Commerce Systems 
COMPSSData Science and Engineering 

Students must complete the following courses

Course codeCourse nameNotes
GSOE9820Engineering Project Management 
COMP9021Principles of Programming 
COMP9024Data Structures and Algorithms 
COMP9311Database Systems 
COMP9331Computer Networks and Applications 
COMP9900Information Technology Project 

Students must complete 10 elective courses, of which at least 6 must be Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge courses

Course codeCourse nameNotes
Read moreCourses can be selected from this listUp to 2 of the non-Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge elective courses may be replaced by level-4 or higher non-CSE courses.

Eligible students may undertake a research project. Students can complete:

Course codeCourse nameNotes
COMP9900Information Technology Project (6 UOC) 

 Or choose 12- 18UOC through a combination of:

Course codeCourse nameNotes
COMP9991Research Project  A (6 UOC) 

And one of:

Course codeCourse nameNotes
COMP9992Research Project B (6 UOC) 
COMP9993Research Project C (12UOC) 

* The programs outlined above are intended as a guide only. The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to change any information herein without prior notice. Students should seek approval from their relevant Schools before using these guides.