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Siaham Si – Master of Engineering Science (Mechanical Engineering)

I chose to undertake a postgraduate degree at UNSW to be exposed to new technologies, cultures and an entirely different academic system where I could truly test myself. My time as a postgraduate student certainly proved to be a great challenge.

Siaham Si – Graduate, Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering offers the unique opportunity to combine various disciplines together in order to develop and improve products, processes and systems. In short, to change the world for the better. Our programs provide students with the knowledge, tools and strategies to design engineering systems and manage a product’s life-cycle.


This degree is for students who want to develop their technical knowledge and skills, and enter the engineering profession with a degree accredited with Engineers Australia.**


The Master of Engineering takes two years to complete and industrial training is a component of the program. A typical program structure includes: six Disciplinary Knowledge Courses, five Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge Courses, two Engineering and Technical Knowledge Courses, one Design course and two Research Project Courses.


The Master of Engineering is designed for those students who do not have an accredited engineering degree, but do have either a non-accredited engineering degree, or have completed the equivalent of the first three years of an accredited engineering degree.



Required Background

Students need a four year equivalent Engineering degree with a minimum 75% average in Mechanical Engineering or similar.



Sample Program Outlines*

Choose 6 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
MECH4305Fundamental & Advanced Vibration Analysis
MECH4320Engineering Mechanics 3
MECH4620Computational Fluid Dynamics
MECH4880Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1
MECH4900Mechanics of Fracture and Fatigue
MMAN4400Engineering Management
MMAN4410Finite Element Methods
ZEIT8231Test and Evaluation (Distance Only)

Choose 5 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
MANF9543Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture
MECH9223Machine Condition Monitoring
MECH9325Fundamentals of Acoustics and Noise
MECH9420Composite Materials and Mechanics
MECH9720Solar Thermal Energy Design
MECH9761Automobile Engine Technology

Choose 2 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
GSOE9340Life Cycle Engineering
GSOE9810Process and Product Quality in Engineering
GSOE9820Engineering Project Management
GSOE9830Economic Decision Analysis in Engineering
ZEIT8031Reliability Engineering Fundamentals (Distance ONLY)
ZEIT8226Systems Engineering Practice (Distance ONLY)

Choose 2 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
MECH9011ME Project A
MECH9012ME Project B

Choose 1 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
MECH4100Mechanical Design 2

* The programs outlined above are intended as a guide only. The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to change any information herein without prior notice. Students should seek approval from their relevant Schools before using these guides.

** Provisionally accredited with Engineers Australia.

† Minimum 75% average as determined by the UNSW Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator  in a relevant discipline. (Minimum 80% from a non-211 university in China). Find the Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator here.