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Vanessa Calderon - Master of Engineering Science (Transport Engineering)

I realised that to progress my career I needed to formalise my professional knowledge. There are so many interesting courses to choose from, and those I’ve taken so far are practical and reflective.

Vanessa Calderon - Master of Engineering Science

Ready to take Environmental Engineering to the next level? This is what Sustainable Systems Engineering and industrial ecology is all about. This new discipline examines how engineers discover holistic and effective Sustainable Systems solutions to unsustainable practices in the modern world.

This program enables students to specialise and gain a deeper knowledge across a broad range of disciplines, including Sustainable Systems Engineering, industrial ecology, sustainability and environmental sciences, and sustainability management. Core subjects are coupled with a choice of electives from several UNSW faculties.

The Master of Engineering Science promotes flexible learning as a keystone of the program – it is designed for students who already have a four year accredited engineering degree and who now wish to broaden their job prospects through cross training, re-training or specialisation. This program takes two years to complete (students may be granted credit for some courses. Those with a degree or extensive professional experience in a related area can apply for credit of up to 50% of a program); it is a non-accredited program, and does not offer industrial training.


The typical program structure comprises sixteen courses, broken down into: four Disciplinary Knowledge Courses, five Advanced Disciplinary Courses, three Research Courses and four Electives.


Required Background

Students need a recognised four year Bachelor degree in engineering with a minimum 70% average in any Engineering discipline. 

Sample Program Outlines*

Compulsory Courses

Course codeCourse nameNotes
GSOE9510Ethics and Leadership in Engineering 

Choose 2 to 4 from

Course codeCourse nameNotes
CEIC4000Environment and SustainabilityStudents should request enrolment from the respective administrative authority if they wish to enrol in UG courses
CVEN4104Sustainability in Construction 
CVEN4504Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment 
CVEN9898Fundamentals of Sustainable Infrastructure 
GMAT4860Sustainable Land Development 
IEST5002Tools for Environmental Management 
IEST7200Environmental Management: Law Fundamentals 
IEST7300Environmental Management: Physical Science Fundamentals 
IEST7400Environmental Management: Social Science Fundamentals 
SOLA3010Low Energy Buildings and Photovoltaics 
SOLA5050Renewable Energy Policy and International programs 
SOLA5057Energy Efficiency 
 With approval from program or stream authority, students may enrol in up to two of the following foundational courses to provide necessary background in environmental and social sustainability. 
ARTS1240Environment and Society: Introduction 
ARTS2240Environment, Sustainability and Development 
BIOS1301Ecology, Sustainability and environmental science 

Compulsory Courses

Course codeCourse nameNotes
GSOE9740Industrial Ecology and Sustainable EngineeringGSOE9740 requires prerequisite knowledge about life cycle assessment (LCA). This knowledge is provided by GSOE9340, CVEN9892 and SOLA9015, however, other LCA courses with equivalent content can be counted as prerequisite upon approval by the program authority.
GSOE9340Life Cycle Engineering 
IEST5500Understanding Environmental PolicyIf IEST5500 is not available, then one of the following courses needs to be taken: COMM5709, IEST5007, IEST5021, IEST5500 or IEST7200

Choose up to two courses:

Course codeCourse nameNotes
CVEN9857Wastewater Treatment 
CVEN9892Sustainability Assessment and Risk Analysis 
SOLA9015Life Cycle Assessment 
CVEN9872Solid Waste Management 
CVEN9881Hazardous Waste Management 
CVEN9888Environmental Management 
GEOS9011Environmental Impact Assessment 
GSOE9017Managing Energy Efficiency 
GSOE9111Energy Storage and Alternative Generation 
GSOE9121Operational Energy Efficiency 
IEST5099Scenario Development & Analysis for Sustainability 
SOLA9004Sustainable and Renewable Energy 
SUSD0002Resources, Materials and Sustainability 

Compulsory Courses

Course codeCourse nameNotes
CVEN9451Masters Project A4 UoC
CVEN9452Masters Project B4 UoC
CVEN9452Masters Project C4 UoC
GSOE9010Engineering Postgrad Coursework Research Skills
GSOE9011Engineering PGCW Research Skills (online)
GSOE9220Launching a startupStudents may also substitute GSOE9010 Engineering PG Coursework Research Skills for GSOE9220 if they are exempt from completing the masters thesis project.

General focus

Course codeCourse nameNotes
CVEN9720Problem Solving & Decision Making
GEOS9016Principles of Geographic Information Systems & Science
GMAT9205Fundamentals of Geopositioning
GSOE9142Energy Efficient Lighting and Equipment
GSOE9143Sustainable Elec. Energy Technology Assessment
GSOE9712Engineering Statistics & Experimental Design
IEST6911Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
MATH5845Time Series
MATH5846Introduction to Probability & Stochastic Processes
SDES9352Imperatives for a Sustainable Future
SUSD0001Sustainable Development & the Urban Environment
SUSD0003Energy & the Built Environment
ATSI3003Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the Environment
CEIC8336Environmental Chemistry in the Process Industries

Corporate focus

Course codeCourse nameNotes
CVEN9701Engineering Economics & Financial Management
CVEN9706Human Resources Management
CVEN9710Management of Risk
CVEN9718Strategic Management for Engineering
CVEN9731Project Management Framework
ELEC9711Power Electronics for Renewable & Distribution Generation
ELEC9714Electricity Industry Planning & Economics
ELEC9715Electricity Industry Operation & Control
GSOE9420Project Management in Engineering & Research
GSOE9820Engineering Project Management
GSOE9830Economic Decision Analysis in Engineering
IEST5001Frameworks For Environmental Management
IEST5021Corporate Environmental Sustainability Reporting
IEST7100Environmental Management: Economics Fundamentals
GBAT9119/MBAX9119Managing for Organisational Sustainability
MINE8780Environmental Management for the Mining Industry
SUSD0016Sustainable Infrastructure
SUSD0009Environmental Auditing
SUSD0010Environmental Auditing
ACCT5961Reporting for Climate Change
COMM5709Corporate Responsibility and Accountability

Societal focus

Course codeCourse nameNotes
BENV7724Transport, Land Use & Environment
IEST5005Media Advocacy & Public Education
IEST5007Environment & Development
MNGT8583Reporting for Climate Change & Sustainability
SOLA9012Renewable Energy Policy

* The programs outlined above are intended as a guide only. The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to change any information herein without prior notice. Students should seek approval from their relevant Schools before using these guides.

† Minimum 70% average as determined by the UNSW Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator  in a relevant discipline. (Minimum 75% from a non-211 university in China). Find the Postgraduate Entry Score Calculator here.