Fee Information for postgraduate coursework

Most postgraduate coursework students pay tuition fees.

Domestic students

Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP)

There are a limited number of Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP) available to eligible students in some degrees. The streams in our programs that have CSP places are as below:


Program Description Academic Plan Description 1
5341 - Engineering Science CVENAT5341 - Civil Engineering
CVENBT5341 - Transport Engineering
CVENDT5341 - Environmental Engineering
CVENET5341 - Project Management
CVENHT5341 - Water Engineering: Catchment to Coast
CVENJT5341 - Water, Wastewater & Waste Engineering
CVENST5341 - Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology
CVENWS5341 - Structural Engineering
ENGGRQS5341 - Nuclear Engineering
MANFFS5341 - Manufacturing Engineering and Management
MECHZS5341 - Mechanical Engineering
SOLAES5341 - Photovoltaics And Solar Energy
SOLAFS5341 - Renewable Energy
5449 - Engineering (Biomedical Eng) BIOMAS5449 - Biomedical Engineering
5543 - Information Technology All plans
7320 - Engineering Science CVENGT7320 - Civil Engineering
ENGGRS7320 - Nuclear Engineering
7543 - Computing COMPCS7543 - Computing
8338 - Engineering Science BIOMBS8338 - Biomedical Engineering
CVENCT8338 - Transport Engineering
CVENFT8338 - Project Management
CVENIT8338 - Water Eng:catchments To Coast
CVENKT8338 - Water, Wastewater & Waste Engineering
CVENMT8338 - Environmental Engineering
CVENRT8338 - Geotechnical Engineering & Engineering Geology
CVENXS8338 - Structural Engineering
CVENZS8338 - Civil Engineering
ELECOS8338 - Satellite Systems Engineering
ENGGAS8338 - Sustainable Systems
ENGGPS8338 - Nuclear Engineering
MANFCS8338 - Manufacturing Eng & Management
MECHIS8338 - Mechanical Engineering
SOLACS8338 - Photovoltaics And Solar Energy
SOLADS8338 - Renewable Energy
8543 - Information Technology All plans
8660 - Biomedical Engineering BIOMAS8660 - Biomedical Engineering




Full Fee Paying Places

The majority of postgraduate coursework programs require students to pay full fees. if the program and plan are not listed on the list above then they are full fee paying.

Fees are charged per subject and are payable at the beginning of each term. So if you are doing one subject each term that is six units of credit, you will just pay for that one subject.

Depending on how the study relates to your current work, you may be able to claim the cost of the fees as a tax deduction.

Australian citizens can defer their fees using FEE-HELP (see below).

You can estimate your annual fees with the UNSW Fee Estimator.


FEE-HELP is a similar loan system run by the Australian government to HECS-HELP.

Students can defer their fees through a loan and then have them taken out of their salary once they earn a certain amount each year.

Key points to note:

- There are no loan fees for postgraduate coursework programs.

- FEE-HELP is available for Australian citizens, permanent humanitarian visa holders and permanent visa holder who is undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals.

- Students must reside in Australia for at least one unit of study.

International Students

A range of scholarships are on offer for international students undertaking postgraduate coursework programs. New opportunities for scholarships come up all the time, so make sure you check out the scholarships website regularly.

You can estimate your annual fees with the UNSW Fee Estimator.

For further information about fees, visit the UNSW Fees website.

FEE Estimator

The FEE Estimator allows students to calculate a fee estimate for subjects or for the academic year.

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