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HSC Maths Ext. 1 and Physics
Nisha Pradhan

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Nisha Pradhan

What's it all about?

■  This five-year integrated degree program in Electrical Engineering offers greater depth than the BE, better opportunities for cutting edge projects, and great flexibility. There is also a chance to take a broadening discipline (minor) outside of Electrical Engineering, such as mechatronics, computing, commerce, photovoltaics, music, satellite systems, mathematics, psychology or nuclear engineering.

What does it include?

■  In addition to design courses in every year of the program, the BE (Hons) Me gives access to around 35 undergraduate and 35 postgraduate elective courses - the widest choice in Australia. Innovate and extend your skills through two one-year projects or a single two-year project. To get you work ready, you'll apply these skills through 60 days of approved industry training in Australia or overseas.

Where will you work?

■  Potential employers include service industries such as Energy Australia, Eraring Energy or Waubra Wind Farm; large private industrial groups, such as Alstom, BHP, Boeing Australia, Downer EDI, Honeywell, Google, Canon, Transfield and Alcatel; and small, innovative private firms specialising in the application of new technologies, services or products such as Cochlear.

Program outlines

■  Sample program outlines are given in the tables below. If you would like to see a downloadable version of these outlines, please visit our student resources page.

Sample Program Outlines*

Semester 1

Course codeCourse nameNotes
ELEC1111Electrical and Telecommunications EngineeringTeaches the fundamentals of electric circuits and providing a necessary foundation for students pursuing an electrical engineering degree
ELEC2141Digital Circuit DesignIntroduction to modern digital logic design, boolean algebra and hardware description language. Pre-req of ELEC1111 waived for BE (Hons)/ME students.
MATH1131Maths 1AAssumed knowledge: Students will be expected to have achieved a combined mark of at least 100 in Mathematics and Mathematics Extension 1.
MATH1141Higher Maths 1AYou should take this course if you have a combined HSC Mathematics Extension 1 and 2 mark over 175.

Semester 2

Course codeCourse nameNotes
COMP1511Introduction to programmingBE (Hons) ME students are required to take COMP1511 rather than COMP1911.
MATH1231Maths 1BPrerequisites for this course are MATH1131 or MATH1141.
MATH1241Higher Maths 1BPrerequisites for this course MATH1131 or MATH1141 with a mark or 65 or above.
PHYS1131Higher Physics 1AIt is highly recommended students take this course rather than PHYS1121.

Semester 3

Course codeCourse nameNotes
PHYS1231Higher Physics 1BThis is the second of the two introductory courses in Physics. It is a calculus based course. Electrical Engineering students must take this physics course.
ENGG1000Engineering Design and InnovationExperience first hand, the major things engineers do: designing, building and creative solutions to problems.

* The programs outlined above are intended as a guide only and are not an exhaustive list of the possible degree combinations or program structures. The Faculty of Engineering reserves the right to change any information herein without prior notice. Students should seek approval from their relevant Schools before using these guides. All students should read the program rules prior to enrolling.