3773 Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) / Bachelor of Engineering Science Dual Award Program

This dual award program gives students the chance to develop their skills and knowledge in two areas of engineering - the major area of study leading to the professional qualification of a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree plus an additional area leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree. Students have the opportunity to enhance their professional opportunities through developing cross-disciplinary skills and knowledge within a five year program.


With this dual degree program, students take the 168 units of credit core of the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 3707 and the 96 units of credit core of the Bachelor of Engineering Science program 3706. Because of the overlap of 24 units of credit of engineering courses in both cores, the total units of credit required for completion is 240 UOC (5 years of full-time study or equivalent). The Faculty of Engineering administers the program, and delegates administration to the schools which offers the Engineering disciplines selected. Students should seek advice from the Faculty of Engineering Student Centre.
Students will need to complete the full BE (Hons) 3707 stream in their main discipline. Please look at the handbook page for the stream for further details.
Students will also complete 96 UOC of the courses in their secondary discipline though this includes courses which are double counted (e.g. first year maths courses, ENGG1000). Students must complete at least 24 UOC of courses that are Level 3 or above (36 UOC for Civil Engineering).
The following discipline combinations are available in this dual program.


  • Civil Engineering (Hons) - Environmental Engineering Science
  • Civil Engineering (Hons) - Mining Engineering Science
  • Chemical Engineering (Hons) - Petroleum Engineering Science
  • Electrical Engineering (Hons) - Mechatronic Engineering Science
  • Electrical Engineering (Hons) - Renewable Energy Engineering Science
  • Electrical Engineering (Hons) - Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering Science
  • Environmental Engineering (Hons) - Civil Engineering Science
  • Mechatronic Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering Science
  • Mining Engineering (Hons) - Chemical Engineering Science
  • Mining Engineering (Hons) - Civil Engineering Science
  • Mining Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering Science
  • Mining Engineering (Hons) - Mechanical Engineering Science
  • Mining Engineering (Hons) - Petroleum Engineering Science
  • Petroleum Engineering (Hons) - Chemical Engineering Science
  • Petroleum Engineering (Hons) - Civil Engineering Science
  • Petroleum Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering Science
  • Petroleum Engineering (Hons) - Mechanical Engineering Science
  • Petroleum Engineering (Hons) - Mining Engineering Science
  • Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering Science
  • Renewable Energy Engineering (Hons) - Electrical Engineering Science

Further information of program requirements may be found on the UNSW Handbook entry here.