Adjustment Factors

Applicants can receive adjustment factors for entry to UNSW through three schemes: HSC plus, Elite Athletes and Performers, and the ACCESS scheme. The details of these schemes are outlined below.

HSC Plus
  • Students automatically receive adjustment factors added to their ATAR based on their performance in relevant subjects

  • For Engineering, these are Maths (2 unit, Ext 1, Ext 2) and Physics, plus Chemistry for Chemical/Photovoltaics/Renewable Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Industrial Chemistry, plus English Advanced for Engineering/Commerce

  • Students receive a maximum of 5 adjustment factors through HSC plus

  • These are added in automatically and UNSW sees the final ATAR plus adjustment factors when assigning places

  • Example: Mark gets an ATAR of 90, and receives a Band 6 in Physics. This gives him 2 adjustment factors, taking his entry rank for UNSW to 92, sufficient to get into most Engineering programs

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  • The ACCESS scheme is for students who have been disadvantaged during their school studies

  • Access is done through UAC and gives additional points (called EAS points) to applicant’s ATAR based on disadvantage faced through medical issues, family circumstances etc

  • UNSW does not release EAS adjustment factors to applicants. All EAS applicants will be sent a letter regarding their eligibility or not at each institution. If they are eligible they will receive between 1 and 10 EAS adjustment factors depending on the degree of their disadvantage

  • ACCESS adjustment factors are in addition to HSC Plus adjustment factors and EAPL adjustment factors

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Elite Athletes, Performers and Leaders Program (EAPL)
  • The EAPL Program awards up to five adjustment factors to high school leavers who have excelled in areas of sport, academia, performance, leadership, and/or music at an elite level

  • Activities and/or commitments must have been undertaken in years 11 and/or 12

  • Students must be either an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or hold a current Australian Permanent Resident or Humanitarian visa

  • Students must complete an application to be considered. Applications open in August and close in late November each year

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How many adjustment factors can I get?

UNSW offers a maximum of 10 adjustment factors through all available schemes. It is important to note that ACCESS adjustment factors are considered to have been included in your ATAR and so do not count towards this maximum.