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An engineering degree at UNSW sets you up for a rich and challenging experience on all levels. Be surrounded by engineering students and teaching staff who are inspiring, passionate, and driven.
UNSW Engineering researchers are bold, quick-thinkers, challenging the most complex of issues of our time. Our research centres are supported by internal and external partners, academic and industry, both here and overseas.
Our Engineering Schools
The UNSW Engineering is the largest of all the engineering schools in Australia. We offer the widest range of engineering degree course specialisations in the country through our nine engineering schools.

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17 September 2014

UNSW Engineering has climbed six places to rank 27 in the QS World University Rankings thanks to excellence in academic and employer reputation and strong... read more

15 September 2014

A new YouTube series on quantum mechanics presented by UNSW electrical engineer Associate Professor Andrea Morello has attracted almost 130,000 views in its first fortnight.

The facemask provides an effective solution to problems associated with the inhalation of pollution particles in the air
12 September 2014

Co-founded in December 2013 by UNSW School of Chemical Engineering PhD candidate Tao Hu, Anhui NAWE Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a developing scientific enterprise in China focused on the research and application of... read more

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Studying Electrical Engineering at UNSW - DG2

Douglas George

Electrical Engineering

I chose UNSW firstly because of the amazing campus atmosphere. I definitely care about my academics and study but there are lots of other things that are important to me such as playing basketball and being able to get involved in community service.


what does an Engineer do?

Exactly what does an Engineer do?

In a very basic sense, engineers use maths and science and solve world problems. However great engineers possess four traits which can be applied to any engineering career. They are generally big picture thinkers who love solving problems and fixing things - but to be a great engineer, you need to be able to communicate.