How to ...

Here are a few things that you may wish to find out while you are studying here at the UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Enrol, re-enrol, change your enrolment

These pages contain instruction on how to enrol (for the first time), re-enrol (if you have already been last semester) and change your enrolment (includes program transfer).

Find Industrial Training

For accreditation of an engineering degree by Engineers Australia, students are required to complete a minimum of 60 working days of approved Industrial Training to be scheduled for assessment prior to the award of a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Find out how to apply and find industrial training (link to Intranet).

Find and upload Honours Thesis

Apply for funding

For current research students only, you can apply for funding to aid with various research activities.

Apply to become a demonstrator

teaching tutor

We are looking for capable research, undergraduates and postgraduate coursework students to undertake paid demonstration and/or marking of assignments, lab classes etc. Priority will be given to research students and UG students with the highest WAM. The payment for demonstration/marking is approximately $41 per weighted hour (as of Semester 2 of 2013). For the first contact hour of demonstration, the School pays an extra half hour for preparation for most courses when the demonstration is not repeated. Undergraduates in 3rd year will only be considered for demonstration in 2nd year and first year courses (not marking) while 4th year students will be considered for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year courses (not marking).

If interested please fill out the demonstrator registration page (link to Intranet - zID required).