Female enrolments on the up

The 2014 Women In Engineering Camp.

On target to reach our goal of 25% by 2020

First year female enrolments in engineering at UNSW have increased from 20 to 22% this year, with the Faculty on target to reach their goal of 25% by 2020. Engineering is a profession traditionally dominated by men – only around 12% of engineering professionals in Australia are women – however it offers a rewarding and well paid career for both sexes.

Women in Engineering programs

Dr Alex Bannigan, Women in Engineering manager at UNSW, says the Faculty has developed a number of programs to encourage girls to consider a career in engineering. “We run an annual Women in Engineering camp for girls in years 11 and 12; we visit schools to talk to girls throughout the year; we offer support and development opportunities for our current female students; and we recognise the achievements of our engineering alumnae at an annual Women in Engineering Awards event.”

This year’s winner Pia Seeto has kept equity and diversity at the forefront of her mind throughout her distinguished career. “Having more women in engineering will broaden the development of options and solutions that will benefit us all,” she says. “It is key that diversity is maintained at all levels of the creation process. It just makes the best business and society sense.”