How to apply

Applying for UNSW Engineering

Whether you are undergraduate or postgraduate, admission to the UNSW Faculty of Engineering is based on academic merit – so the harder you’ve studied, the better your chances. But we believe in giving the right people a fair go, so we’ve provided a whole bunch of information in this section that might help you get across the line.

Apply Undergraduate
Get the insider info on everything you need to know to get in to UNSW Engineering. .. More details
Apply Postgraduate
Find out how you could be a Postgraduate student or researcher at UNSW Faculty of Engineering here. .. More details
Mature age and TAFE
Age is no barrier to entry at UNSW Faculty of Engineering. Find out about mature age and TAFE entry here. .. More details
International students
Find out more about how you can study Engineering at UNSW – what you need and how to apply in our International Student section. .. More details
All applicants are assessed on the basis of academic merit, as measured by the ATAR. Find out what you need to get in. .. More details
ATAR + HSC Plus bonus points
We award bonus points towards entry for students who have achieved outstanding results in relevant HSC subjects. .. More details
We believe really passionate prospective engineers should be given a fair go. Find out more about the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme. .. More details
Alternate Pathways
There are a number of alternative avenues to gain admission to an undergraduate program at UNSW. .. More details
Elite Athletes and Performers Program
We offer a flexible entry and support program for students who are elite athletes or performers. .. More details
Special Entry
UNSW is committed to the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in education. .. More details
Academic Scholarships
UNSW and the Faculty of Engineering offer a variety of scholarships to both undergraduate and postgraduate students (existing and new). .. More details