UNSW Engineering Research

Bionic Eye Handmade to High-Tech (short version)

New vision for millions.
After 15 years, two dedicated engineer researchers have unveiled the world’s first bionic eye. Follow their journey.

Towards a quantum internet

A turbo charge for the Internet.
The race for quantam computing has been given a boost by a team of UNSW-led engineering researchers.

Endless Energy

Unlimited clean energy possibilities.
Engineering researchers using nanoparticles to unlock new ways to store one of the world's most plentiful energy sources - Hydrogen.

Advanced commercial laser doped solar cells. UNSW Innovation Awards 2012 - Finalist

Increasing solar cell efficiency.
Research increasing efficiency and reducing costs promising greater industry viability over the long term.
A turbo charge for the Internet.
Unlimited clean energy possibilities.


Profile - Prof Travis Waller

How maths can save our roads

Professor Travis Waller

Tired of Sydney's traffic congestion? Studying maths might be the answer, as Professor Travis Waller, Director of the UNSW Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation, explains in this teaser for Maths is Awesome week on ScienceAlert.